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Whoa Nelly!


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Les Boyz best bring their legs tomorrow night or they are gonna be paddlin' the wrong way up the creek!

Defense looked real slow. Look, I like Boullion, but he is getting pushed around by the big Bruins forwards. The kids got heart, but Komi's got the size! Quintal and Rivet are still too slow and Markov seems tentative with the puck (again)...And, for God's sake get Kovalev OFF the point on the powerplay...it works for Saku, but not for Alexi...How many times can you get the puck poked off your stick OR pull your guys off sides in one night? Enough Already!!

Kovalov should not be playing in the series until he's ready to play some freakin' hockey...What was that all about?... Zero effort last night...dare I say a lazy effort...If you don't play Komi on the blue line at LEAST dress him and put him in front of the net during the powerplay!....

Ugh! :o

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I totally agree that komi should be dressed - he's big, he's tough and he's a rough diamond that needs to be shaped in the playoffs. I only wonder who you sit out to get him in...

Quintal? do you really want to get rid of such a big guy... Q brings Komi's size and toughness but he is very slow and that creates problems even when his moves are textbook correct.

Brisebois? Markov? Souray? Not worth discussing

Bouillon? Perhaps too small to stay in against the big bruins, but if we can't play him in tough situations why even keep him at all? Bouillon plays well and he needs the experience as much as komi.

I guess that leaves Rivet, his play in front of the montreal net drives me crazy. He seems all too willing to allow opposing forwards to hang out in the slot and do we really need his offensive abilities when you have markov, brisebois and souray around? I have never been a fan of putting two offensive styled defensemen on the same pair.... I don't know... I guess he is more solid than Komi, but I sure wouldn't mind seeing Komi in his place for at least one game.

If montreal, god forbid, loses tommorow night we need to dress komi for the remainder of the playoffs. Perhaps he would be able to bring a change in momentum and he needs the exp.

At this point in the season I feel bad that we never played beauchemin, and didn't give Hainsey more time. I am not completely crazy about Hainsey as of yet, but maybe i could be wrong. Bringing up Dykhuis was a mistake imo, but hey... Julien and Gainey made many moves that I was scared were mistakes and been proven wrong.... maybe I am just running scared.

Go Habs!

I should probably note that I am a little drunk...

[Edited on 4/9/2004 by simonus]

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Sorry, Boullion is just not up to the task. As far as replacing him to give Komi more experience...Come on! Komi is the future....Big and mean...exactly what the doctor ordered...Again, I like Boullion, but you need size to play defense in the NHL...that's not my opinion, that's evolution....

Buzzed in Albany!

Go Habs Go!

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Although I respect Bouillion's intensity for the size he has...he just isn't the enforcer that Komi is. Komi is big and will lay down the law. Tonight, the defense has been a huge help because the players have been able to withstand the heat after the shot and give a good outlet pass, and we have suddenly been revitalized. Well, Bouillion has not been a part of that, but that is Komi's specialty, and he is not it. Komi thrives on the 1st, long pass, and completes it very well. We need him to get the rushes started, and he can do it.

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