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I think we're getting there...


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I like the 3 offensive lines... let's hope Carbo keeps it that way (as long as Higgins doesn't sook that he's on the 3rd line).

Three more very do-able changes would put us over the top, I think:

(1) We do need a goon. A big mean one. A 4th line of Streit - Chipchura - Big mean goon, would be the icing on the cake right now. It would give our small skill guys the comfort of scoring goals with impunity without fear of reprisal. Right now, we get up 3 goals on a team and then they start running at us. Our guys then get timid and take the foot off the gas for fear of running up the score and possibly getting their head taken off by an opposition asshole.

Smolinski - don't/didn't need him at all. Don't know why Bob signed him.

Kostopoulos - decent 4th liner, but with a real goon, no need for him.

Begin - love ol' Begin, but I'm afraid we don't need him anymore with the faster, younger, more skilled Lapierre around.

Dandenault - expendable. We wouldn't need him.

(2) A system employing an aggressive 2-man forecheck and where the defense stands up at our line... instead of saying "come on in!"

(3) One more big tough top 4 defenseman to pair with Hamrlik - like a Nick Boynton (I still think he's got good hockey in him) or a Derek Morris.

Brisebois - Nice gesture by Bob to bring him back, but we didn't and do not need him at all.

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I like the 3 offensive lines... let's hope Carbo keeps it that way (as long as Higgins doesn't sook that he's on the 3rd line).

I'm not worried. I have a feeling the conversation looked like this:

* Coach has joined #Canadiens

<@Coach> Hey i'm switching up the lines big time, and i'm putting you on the third. I'm trying to spread some of the talent around, get some new chemistry going

and help some of the other players. Don't worry you'll see the same ice time as before, this isn't a demotion of any kind, i'm just trying to get three 1st lines going.

<+Higgins> Hey, no problem. It's all good. It beats having four 4th lines!

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