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FREE $100 prize fantasy contest


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Hey all!

So I've been working with a site called Daily Joust and they have setup a FREE (entry) $100 prize fantasy contest for THIS Friday eve.

Go to:

http://dailyjoust.com/contests/?refer=habsaddict to signup...

Here are the details:

It's a salary cap contest where everyone tries to assemble the best team within a $1,000,000 budget.

With that money, you need to build a team of two centers, two left wings, two right wings, two blueliners and one goalie.

Each NHL player has been given a salary price based on their expected fantasy points potential. For example, Scott Hartnell costs $226K, while Todd Bertuzzi costs $170K.

Build Your Team of 9 Positions Within The Maximum Salary Cap of $1 Million:

- C

- C

- LW

- LW

- RW

- RW

- D

- D

- G

Daily Joust Fantasy Hockey Scoring Breakdown:


Goal = 10 pts

PP/SH Goal = 3 pts

Assist = 7 pts

PP/SH Assist = 2 pts

Shot on Goal = 1 pt

Plus/Minus = +3/-3 pts

Penalty Minutes = 1 pts

Hit = 1 pt

Blocked Shot = 1 pt


Goals Allowed = (-6 pts)

Saves = 1 pt

Win = 12 pts

Shutout = 8 pts

Check it out and try it out....who knows, you might actually win $100!

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