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Whats going on with Selanne


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I think the only guys that really have a chance of making the team is the people who played in Hamilton (Hainsey, Hossa, Perezhogin and Plekanec). Those guys have no where to go and the only way up is to make the team.

Guys like Latendresse, Chipchura, Price (like he ever had a shot to begin with) should still be in junior. These guys will easily gain valuable experience in both rookie camp and training camp. As far as them actually being at training camp, I think it's just a formality and a good place to gain more experience.

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If Theodore gets injured that's when Gainey picks up the phone and makes a few phone calls to make a trade. Calling up Price is a real risky move. Last thing the team needs is to mess up this guy's development into a great goalie.

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Selanne will be signed later next week by someone. We don't need him.




Ryder (he will sign)





Begin (sp)


Plus all of our young talent trying for a spot;



Perrezhogin (sp)


We don't even need him on "D".

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Originally posted by HABBER-oooooKNOWS

That's why you get the big bucks....you earn them.....When your called upon....deliver........it's not like he's thirteen......Why isn't crosby developing...he is going to be on a line with friggin mario. He needs to get it done......period and so should any of our picks.

Dude, Price isn't making the big bucks at all. He hasn't signed any deal with the Habs. Carey Price is a prospect of the Montreal Canadiens. They own his NHL rights, that's all.

And as far as Crosby goes, guys of his calibre usually stand out from guys like Carey Price for example because aside from Crosby's natural talent, their ready to jump into the NHL right away.

As far as expecting all the Habs prospects to deliver when their asked too, well first off those guys were thirteen not a while back, those guys are still young and expecting them to jump in the NHL at any time because Bob Gainey or any other GM in the league and deliver is insane. Aside from all the pressure those players will be put in the GMs also risk making the player develop bad playing habits that will render him useless to the team.

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Why do people think we can't fit in Selanne? The lines of Selanne-Koivu-Kovalev, Perezhogin-Ribiero-Zednik with Bulis-Bonk-Ryder gives us 3 solid lines where we can sub in our rookies on the 4th line depending on the opponent. Dags could always fit on the second line instead of Perezhogin, shifting him to the 3rd, and shifting Bulis to the 4th line. We have a lot of options. Ya, we'd have to find a way to get under the cap, but the lineup has room! Not only that, when do all players stay healthy for each game? Never.

We also know Ryder's contract situation. It could be possibly that Gainey is looking at whether or not Ryder will be signed, and if not will get Selanne. We have possibilities!

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