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Dackell ready to go / Habs interested in Corson?


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We're saved! Dackell returns! ;)

So what happens to the lineup now? Does Dagenais finally sit out a game? CJ keeps benching him during the 3rd periods of games , why not just scratch him a full game? Give Ward his spot...

Bulis - Koivu - Ryder

Zednik - Ribeiro - Dagenais

Sundstrom - Juneau - Ward

Langdon - Begin - Dackell?

Extra : Kilger , Perreault?

ohhh yeah , heard a horrible rumour on team990 that Gainey contacted Corson about his services... :puke::puke::puke:

Edit: Now hear on sportsnet that the 4 teams interested in Corson are... MONTREAL , Ottawa , Dallas , and Florida.

[Edited on 2004-2-14 by puck7x]

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This is a really bad idea, I spoke to some friends of mine form northern Ontario who know his family and apparently he is physically ready to come back but after what he pulled in Toronto last year I really hope Ottawa gets him so he can disrupt their playoff run and make it easier for Les Canadiens to win yet another Cup.

:hlogo:atvo :devil:

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Come on guys lets not freak out TOO much about this..if he were to come back to the habs, that would help out the fourth line! I dont really like him either but its not about that right now, and remember, this guy can cream tie domi in a fight in which he already has. The fourth line could look like this:


that would be a force to be reckoned with and when it comes time to face the leafs, or any other physical teams, we could actually win fights, and get more energy from the bench.



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