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To start off on this new thread, i would just like to say one thing. Don't you guys think that Julien should put Zednik along side the first line with Koivu again? as i can remember, they were doing quite nicely as koivu would set zednik up alot.

that is not why i mainly made this new thread for though. The habs are on a losing streak right now, and i think that a trade would be great for this francise. whether its a power forward or a solid Dmen, thats up for discussion. what do you people think of this? what are your trade ideas/suggestions?



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I wouldnt make any major changes , as I said in another thread I'd want to acquire a depth-defensive-D , or a PF-Winger ...

I'd also prefer to keep Zednik on Ribeiro's line , if you move Zednik from Ribeiro's wing then who does that leave Ribeiro with? Sundstrom? Maybe its time to callup Hossa? He's been on fire of late with the Bulldogs , but , if we called him up and he slumped , then he could lose all the confidence he has been regaining... hmmm

Oh yeah , welcome to the forum Habsfan88! Hope you enjoy your time here :)

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So, this is a team that was supposed to be in the Ovechkin sweepstakes as far as most of the pundits were concerned to start the season, but now that they're in a playoff race, they should all be traded because they are going through a poor spell?

Do you know why Houle got fired? Button? Why Sather is not long for office in New York? Panic. When panic sets in and you make stupid moves, you lose it all. This has actually been a tremendously successful season all things considered and changing everyone is tantamount to suicide.

If you kept only the players mentioned, you'd not only have no first line forwards, but a pathetic defence, neutered team spirit, and almost continual inconsistent play.

Your moniker says 'Leafs Suck' however if you'd be so kind as to be the GM for the Leafs, we could go back to the Harold Ballard days and watch them languish in the cellar perennially.



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