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  1. Well Detroit would also rekindle some great rivalries with the Habs and Leafs. Also any team has the ability to play any team from the other divisions any time during the payoffs, and the playoffs is where the Col - Det rivalry started.
  2. Ok the whole relocating thing is kinda stretch but the re-aligning the divisions got me thinking. What if we have 3 divisions?? Northeast Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, Toronto, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, New Jersey, New York I, New York R Southeast Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina, St. Louis, Columbus, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, Atlanta, Nashville West Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, San Jose, Anaheim, Dallas, Los Angelas, Minnesota, Phoenix, Colorado You play your own division 4 times = 36 games You play the other 2 divisions twice each = 40 games For a total of 76 games
  3. Most of our team is now over 6'2" and the ones that are under that are all pretty tough guys like Begin, Murray, Downey. Perezhogin, Higgins, and Kostitsyn are all young guys that seem to be good in the corners and pretty good checkers. Kovalev can definetly handle himself. There's only 7 on the Habs that I would call small weak players and they would be Dandenault, Koivu (because of injuries, not from lack of effort), Plekanec, Ribeiro, Streit, Samsonov and Johnson (I think). All of which have something else that they are needed on the team for like Plekanec to kill penalties and Koivu and
  4. This is the 1st rumor that I absolutly do not want to happen. Why do we need Dumont with guys like Higgins, Samosonov, Ryder, Kovalev, Kostitsyn, Perezhogin, hell I'd even take Murray over Dumont, atleast he has some intesity to his game. Everyone of the other 6 guys I named are better than Dumont. I'm still not understanding this rumor, I guess it's just because the guys french
  5. For the inside info on the Kostitsyn Bro's check out http://www.kostitsyn.cjb.net/
  6. Yep Tony and guess who just walked in my door. My aunt and uncle from Toronto and he's sporting his "this is your brain on drugs :hlogo: " t-shirt. I told him he has it backwards...lol
  7. Who would be on your all-time best Habs line-up?? Of course 90% of these guys are HOFers already, the only guys I added were Koivu, Chelios, Carbonneau and Naslund, because I think they're the only ones right now that have a real shot at making it to the HOF. I'm a young pup at only 25 years old, so I can't tell ya who played wing or center and the lines have no real meaning I was just making a list of the best :hlogo: ever. If I have forgot anyone then fell free to add. Jean Beliveau-Henri Richard-Maurice Richard Bob Gainey-Guy Carbonneau-Guy LaFleur Howie Morenz-Saku Koivu-Denis Sa
  8. Unless Souray has asked for a trade behind closed doors then I see no reason to trade a great PP defenceman who can score 10 - 20 goals a season. Dealing Aebisher is still possible in my opinion but I don't think anything else will happen untill mid-season or the trade deadline.
  9. I think I got the sig right now. Chips, did you have a different nickname on the sportsnet site??
  10. Thanx for the warm welcome everyone Thanx for the help with the sig dark_faerie87 BTW I'm from the sportsnet forum. GRRRRRRRR sig still isn't working
  11. I think it would be totally funny if Johnson surpasses Zednik's numbers of last year. even playing a defensive 3rd line role on the team.
  12. It's not racial or anything. I think it has to do with him being from Cobourg ON and he cut Koivu's eye. so some people called him the "Cutter of Cobourg" I think someone that was from Cobourg or knew Williams somehow, took offence to it. But I may be wrong. Like i said i never really figured it all out, but some posters thought it was unfair that the guy got banned for using a term that was widely used in the Habs forum ever since the incident. P.S. i don't suppose you know what i'm doing wrong with my sig??
  13. I think you would have to throw in something else to get Vishnevski AND Beauchemin. Maybe Souray and Streit OR Cote for Beauchemin and Vishnevski.
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