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  1. If he is about to retire, he's even easier to move. Team's that need to make the floor would love a retiring player. You don't have to pay them and they count against the cap.
  2. 34...missed some easy ones like Grabovsky, Stewart....and I couldn't spell
  3. no seriously? What's wrong with my reasoning? Is it that unlikely that Hammer and A.K. are unmovable? And if Marc Savard got 5 million, is it unreasonable that Plex is a 4 million$ player? We just have to commit to not having expensive contracts on the bottom 2 lines...which is very doable because of the strong play of White and Pyatt. And Curtis Sanford has proven to be a very capable NHL backup Also, on D, someone like Weber or Carle (or maybe PK) could be ready And maybe less realistically....with that length of Kovalchuk's shifts, there probably won't even be enough ice time to have a 4th line! (that may be wishful thinking but i'm kinda right in a sad way)
  4. There is always room for a guy like Kovalchuk. If it means trading a guy like Andrei Kost. for a pick and moving Hammer out for a pick...then so be it. The guy instantly makes the team a contender. Plex is the only guy on the team who's earned a raise so far. And I seriously doubt that Price's new contract will have a cap hit that is much higher than is current 2.something million. Burrying Laraques' contract in the minors is always a possibility too. The think of contracts coming off the books. Bergeron, Chipchurra, probably D'agostini, Paul Mara, Metro. They're all small contracts but it adds up Kovalchuk(9) Gomez (7.357) Gionta(5) Camm(6) Plex(4) Poulliot(.9) SK(.9) Laps(.9) Pacioretty(.9) Pyatt(.7) White(.7) Moen (1.5)..........37 million roughly Markov(5.75) Rookie(.9) Spacek(3.83) O'Byrne(.9) Gill(2.25) Gorges(1.1)..........15 million roughtly Price(2.5) Sanford(.5)........3 million roughly That's roughly 55 million in salary! Below the current cap (and there is no proof that the cap will go down). And this is assuming that guys like Laps and SK and Poulliot will get raises, which they probably won't. We can fit the guy in, it just means that we have to get creative
  5. The player's striked through have by no means proven to be better than Cammalleri. Especially Lucic. I should also note that Eric stall has had 1 exceptional year and one very good year. The rest has been less productive then Camm. I would put the Sedin's (individually) at the same level. Semin would be equal in terms of effensive production alone. Kane has been slightly overhyed so far.
  6. Oh ya, i forgot about him...he must be playing great then!
  7. I want him back too. But realistically, he's one of the guys which can be replaced by a 500k player. Everyone else on the bottom 2 lines(other than Moen) is making around league minimum. I'd rather lose Metro than risk having to rely on Poulliot becoming a solid C replacing Plex
  8. My guess is that they'll be enough money to sign both Plex and Price. Looking at next year's projected team, there should be a fair amount of money coming off the books....especially if they buy out Laraque. Thats roughly 3.5 million. If Plex gets a 1/1.5 million$ raise and price gets the same, we may even have enough money to bring back Mara MAB...750K MARA - Rookie contract...700k If they buy out Laraque...500k Metro (i hate to see him go)...1 million Chips... 500k A. Kost/Plex/Cammy Poulliot/Gomez/Gionta Pacioretty/Lapierre/S. Kost Pyatt/White/Moen Markov/Rookie Hamrlik/Spacek Gill/Gorges Price/Halak
  9. How was the crowd reaction when sergei hit the ice?
  10. According to Hickey's article in the gazette this morning, Pacioretty will play with Gomez and Camm, A. Kost with plek and gionta, D'ago with Laps and Gui and Moen with Laraques and Metro/Chip... I'm not sure if it was his assumption or an actual fact tho
  11. i can actually vouch for this story. My cousin's friend is a part owner at Buonanote and I heard this story a couple of months ago.
  12. It would be funny if Detroit pulls a sign and trade with Hossa, flipping him for a less expensive heatley
  13. because he thinks that he can get better passes from Plekanec than Spezza?
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