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  1. Agreed! Love the offensive potential that Caufield shows. Habs need more players that can finish like him. He will only get stronger and stronger.
  2. So exciting and nerve-racking watching these playoff games. Stoked for a game 7. I thought it was a well-deserved win for the Habs, even tho they were hanging on for dear life in the 3rd. Other superstars come thru for their teams so it is fitting that Price looked outstanding and shut the door in the 3rd. He looks so dialed in. Only 2 shots that beat him tonite were deflected off Petry's stick. Even the game before it took a deflection, a screen and a mad scrable to beat him. Like the speed and tenacity that Evans brought to the lineup, as i've been disappointed with the play of Tatar. TT just seems to disappear at this time of year. Suzuki seems to have stepped up his game and is gaining such valuable experience. The lack of puck mobility of 3/4 of our top 4 D is driving me nuts but they are playing a very hard-nosed brand of hockey. Probably is little too much icetime but DD has little confidence in the others. I realize Gustaffson can be a train wreck defensively but why not insulate him with Weber a little more to help create some better help to the forwards. Move the puck to the forwards with skill and the Habs will be defending much less. Let's Go!!
  3. I couldn’t agree more about Weber and Chairot pairing often getting hemmed in their own zone especiallly after one or both couldn’t successfully create a zone exit. It all goes back to needing a left handed puck moving dman. And as I’ve stated before a Staal has made whatever line he’s on a weakness. Almost averages -1 per game
  4. Didn’t deserve to win this game. Lucky to be tied 2-2 after the 2nd and was hoping they could pull it out. Allen was their best player tonite. Anderson gave it a go but just didn’t get enough support. i’ve seen enough of Staal. At least Evans brings some speed to the lineup It’s also very apparent that the lack of mobility and good passing by the D has been hindering the offensive attack. Maybe time to give CC a try. What is their to lose. Better to give him some experience and maybe he can help out the struggling offense.
  5. Man!! Just a roller coaster watching the Habs play. Such promise at times or very mediocre sometimes. I keep telling myself at least they are in the mix for a playoff spot and it's their spot to lost. I do have to agree that Weber sure is struggling as of late. Bad pinches, terrbile passes and really our of sorts. I'd rather see Petry back with Edmundson and maybe give Mete a shot with Weber but not for #1 unit minutes. Leaving Kulak with Romanov. Not too impressed with Oulette. As for the forwards i'm always hoping for more from Armia like his great game against Van when he got concussed. Time to get Lekky back in the lineup.
  6. What about Ekholm 50% retained for Kulak, 1st, prospect dman(Struble/Harris) and prospect forward(Poehling/Ylonen) Kulak salary would be close to equal Ekholm salary at 50% retained i believe.
  7. Not trying to make excuses, but does it not make a lot more sense to schedule back to backs in the same city
  8. I missed the 1st goal but it's been a pretty sad game for the Habs so far. They look tired. Anyone else think Suzuki has looked a bit off the last 10 games. Seems like he's fighting the puck and not making many very good passes lately.
  9. I do like the better puck support that the Habs seem to have under DD gameplan
  10. i believe KK started OT with Danault and Petry But its worth a shot to give Romanov a shift out there. Can't do any worse
  11. Very disappointing to lose this game. Maybe a thought to have the Petry Edmondson duo out there protecting the lead. They have been much more solid than the Weber Chariot pairing this year. 0 7 in OT and shootout. Just brutal
  12. Wow!! Can it get much worse. terrible PK even worse PP can't even win a fight
  13. I was shocked to see this happening! But it makes a lot of sense. With the depth of the Habs Byron has been relagated to a 4th line fringe player. Goes to show how a better team makes certain players fit better roles and Byron is overpaid for his new role. He is still useful but not the end of the world is he is claimed. Would open up more space and there are plenty of options avaiblable if need be.
  14. I really agree with this as both players probably not overly happy with their new team and situation. Kind of a short term fix for both. However, Columbus gets short term help which they want and can easily trade Laine in the next few years if he still isn't happy. If Dubois really wants to come to Montreal he can in less than 4 years i believe.
  15. But it would set the tone for future games this season. Pick on their best guys
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