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  1. 1) Mats Naslund 2) Patrick Roy 3) Gaston Gingras 4) Chris Nilan 5) Bobby Smith
  2. 35-31-7-8 94 Points 4th in Atlantic 9th in East 224 goals
  3. They should go back to the way Savard and all of his predecessors did it and let the team vote. I'll never understand how the management team think they should decide who the leader in the room is.
  4. Too bad, I wish I could say, "I guess MB knows best"............
  5. If we can't beat this leafs lineup tonight the panic button is going to be going off all over Habs Nation!!!
  6. I would jump all over Poirier. He has some issues with the bottle, but he's still young and worth a look I'd think. Maybe coming home would be the best thing for him.
  7. I see Hudon penciling in on the left side while Jagr would be on the right, so I don't see him taking a job from Hudon, but rather moving Shaw to 4th line centre and pushing Mitchell to the pressbox, or moving Shaw to 4th line LW. I think he still brings something to our bottom pairings that noone else can. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, and I can feel sour if MB doesn't offer him a deal and you can feel sour if he does.
  8. I think Jagr is simply a better option than anything we have in our system. Jagr put up more points last year in the NHL against top line players (in most cases, best defensive players on each team) than Hudon did in the AHL playing against bums. Why should we assume he'd put up more points in a tougher league against tougher competition? I believe the grave reality is that we simply don't have anything in our system to help us now.
  9. Jagr put up almost 50 pts last year playing on the top line in Florida and the top PP unit most of the year. If we slotted him in on our 2nd line and 2nd PP unit, he would be playing against slower players and less talented players all the time. There is no reason to believe he couldn't put up 60 pts for us. If the money was right, this seems like an absolute no brainer to me. If he'd take a 1 year deal at 3 million, Bergy should be jumping all over him.
  10. I don't think RNH is a bonafide #1 at all, but surely he would be on our team. Can't see him playing behind Danault
  11. I think he's pretty responsible defensively and is a good playmaker, may just need a fresh start. This was on the All About Habs website this morning so I have no idea if there is any legitimacy to the rumour. I've been trying to find another source but can't. I think this trade with the addition of Jagr makes us better up front than last year and maybe we could score a few goals. Still leaves big questions on the backend though.
  12. I'm hearing rumours (unsubstantiated) that MB may be looking to move Gallagher for Nugent-Hopkins. This could be a real solid move, and we could bring in Jagr to replace Gallagher on the right side. Trade makes sense as Edm need to replace Eberle on the right side and free up cap space going forward and Gallagher would be playing with his buddy Lucic and we need an upgrade down the middle.
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