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  1. It's a no-win situation. I don't like JM but no, we have no better replacement waiting for the job. Which means we're stuck here. In mediocre-suckitude-ville. Which is a place I just invented.
  2. That's exactly why my dad turned off the game last night. He said he was not going to watch the opposite of entertainment. He's had it up to here with JM and the mediocre suckitude. We need change. Now.
  3. The PP is not the only problem we have with Martin. In the Fire Martin thread you will find posters who have written it out better than I could. It's a long list.
  4. And how much I hate when he uses the word 'probably' to say it was probably the lack of success on the PP that did us in. I mean come on.
  5. Convert??? They couldn't even set up!!!!
  6. I like this move. Didn't expect it really, thought we'd see more Weber/St.Denis but I'm happy we won't. Should be a hell of an experience for Leblanc.
  7. Priceless. Couldn't agree more. The mere prospect of Markov back out there in a Habs uniform is enough to make me weepy. And I cannot adequately describe how excited I am to see him play with Emelin. Imagine!!
  8. I'm currently so disgusted with the NHL. I was expecting 2 games max. The third is just like, twisting the knife. This is such BS.
  9. Not at all. I love Pleks, but even I get the sense from him that he just doesn't like playing the point either. And I don't blame him. The man does everything but play goalie. Markov better come back quickly.
  10. Incidentally was at the game against the Bruins... where the most exciting thing that happened was the crazy brawl in the stands. And Emelin and Cole hits. The rest was a bit of a snooze, like the teams feeling each other out and then the game never actually started.
  11. Came home from work in time for the third, so I only saw the Habs when they looked good. Was terrified of Price in the shootout, happy he finally won one. Give him confidence to stop the shooters next time, without relying on goalposts (although those are nice too, not complaining). I thought Weber and Emelin made a couple of nice moves and were sharp defensively from what I saw. Moen... my dad calls him Rocket Moen, as in Richard. Glad he's producing, because otherwise I really think he's that awesome.
  12. HAHAHAHAHA omg Neither do I. So frustrating. Eller had a great game, and not a whiff in OT. WTF? And this Pleks at the point thing, I hate that. Has to stop.
  13. What a game! The best part about it was the way Cole flipped Kelly like that ... and the way Gorges pushed Chara out of the crease. Good stuff. Price! Except for that weird moment where he fell asleep, he was a wall. And he owes Diaz big-time lol Trying to post a pic can't seem to do it. Help?
  14. That picture is priceless... GO HABS GO!! Last night was amazing, a repeat tonight would really keep the momentum going.
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