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  1. I sent all the info to spathe a few days ago, so it's all in his hands now.
  2. If there is ever a team to help us get a winning streak going, Florida is it.
  3. n00b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone! Grab your torches and pitchforks! There be a n00b in our midst!
  4. With Koivu coming back perhaps Julien can afford to demote Ribeiro to 4th line minutes for his long shifts.
  5. Sorry guys, as soon as I tuned in to listen, Tampa scores. I blame myself.
  6. Hey, what team isn't interested in getting Liles? The problem is that there is one team unwilling to part with him. And if they are, the price to be paid will be hefty.
  7. Scouts at games = normal I personally wouldn't read too much into it. Is there really anyone on the Avs roster that Gainey would want?
  8. I want Vandermeer to be called up to fight. At least that would be entertaining.
  9. One thing that can be said, and it's been true when the team was healthy and when the team was injury riddled, is they need another scorer. Goals are much to hard to come by for this team. In fact, they 7th last in the league for Goals For. At least the ice time was spread out fairly evenly this game.
  10. I specifically ask not to get anything for Christmas. My mother doesn't listen, so we compromised on stocking only. My highlight gifts were: Family Guy Volume 3, the aforementioned "More Cowbell" t-shirt, and a cd by VAST.
  11. I'm losing patience and enthusiasm for the team. *sigh*
  12. My sister bought me a t-shirt that says "More Cowbell" on it. It's okay to be jealous.
  13. Our love for the Habs has become a succubus, sapping this board of it's energy and enthusiasm in game threads. Go Habs Go? I guess...why not?
  14. *shields Macaskill* dammit man, do you realize what you've done? Into exile, you must go. Failed, you have.
  15. Of this, I favour He will do great things as mod He also smells nice
  16. There was no one else in the place. We were in there from 1 am to 3:30. We had the place to ourselves. Plus I make friends with the Night Crew. I love Tim Hortons
  17. I won't create a new thread on this even though it doesn't really fit in here. It's the most-anti leaf thread available at the moment. Anyways, I'd just like to post what a member of another board I post at wrote in the NHL thread I made. Just to note, he's a Florida fan. "btw, i think the leafs have the referees on their payroll. i've never seen a team get that many calls go their way." and "if there was a scale to gauge exactly where teams rank on the "calls going their way" statistic, i GUARANTEE you the leafs would be all the way to the right and the panthers to the far left." Yes guys, it's not just Habs fans that notice it. Hopefully this knowledge spreads around to other teams fans like wildfire.
  18. 8 pages? 8!!?? That must be a record (and not a good one.) I think there are more posts per page but this seems a bit ridiculous. On a different note, it's 5 am. Where is A Concerned Fan's article? It's my favourite thing to read here after a game. *sigh* Time for bed
  19. Just something I noticed (might be on purpose, I don't know) but Guests can't view the Habs section of the forums. Every other forum is shown, and then once you log in it appears. Is this on purpose? and if it is, isn't that the part of the site we want potential members to see?
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