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  1. If you were a HW Nostradamus, you would know if you were going to get the title already.
  2. 37 votes yes (currently) but we still need a photoshop master or at least a talented amateur with time. I figure 50 members written, then the generically ambiguous signing of "and many more" at the end would work. That shows we're actually a popular site, and not Bob's grade 7 homework assignment.
  3. I'm a fan, let me know what you're into.
  4. Trizzak


    Bump Jays are making some serious moves. Along with the aforementioned (in another thread) BJ Ryan and AJ Burnett signings, they recently traded for Lyle Overbay who adds some much needed power to their lineup. Unfortunately, they gave up some young arms in the process; Gabe Gross (OF), Dave Bush, and Zach Jackson. Plus JP is threatening to make one more trade for a bat, which would make sense since they have 4 corner infielders - Koskie, Hillenbrand, Hinske, and Overbay. Hinske gone? *prays it will be so*
  5. I need a Habs game so bad I even started to write a fake game thread in the Canadiens section pitting the Habs against the Leafs. I didn't post it, but I came very close. That's how dire this situation is. Give me something Bob! A waiver acquisition! A minor league trade! SOMETHING! I NEED HABS NEWS!!
  6. I'm happy for that. Same here Philistines More VAST! Don't Take Your Love Away just became my new favourite VAST song.
  7. Resident Evil 4>>>>>>All And I just beat Ocarina of Time for the 100th billion time yesterday. Now I'm starting my quest for beating Majora's Mask for the 100th billion time. But the GTA series is damn fine as well. A Zelda fan! Yes! :/) I have also beat Ocarina too many times. I will admit to never playing Majora's Mask though. What do you think of the upcoming Twilight Princess?
  8. Here would be my suggestion. Sticky this thread for an alotted time period giving the members a chance to sign up. Then, a Photoshop Master (there must be one out there) takes any Habsworld logos and such and creates a card design leaving areas for usernames/real names to be typed in. Signatures would be pretty hard to do, and take much longer, but I suppose if some were so inclined they could scan their handwriting and send it to whomever is blessed with this arduous task. I personally have no problem having "Trizzak - Tristan Tapscott" typed in. The only real signatures I see fit to definitely have on there would be the card designer and our beloved site administrator. Just my two cents
  9. Glad to see he's made his way onto the Bulldogs full time. [Edited on 2005/12/9 by Trizzak]
  10. Corvina should probablu u2u sakiqc and the mods this idea. 22 - 0 so far pretty much means everyone wants to do it, but they're the ones that put the official Habsworld stamp of approval on it.
  11. After carefull consideration I have come to the following conclusion... GTA: San Andreas > GTA III > GTA Vice City
  12. Huet. But if he starts to do really well then I wouldn't be surprised to see him traded at the deadline. Depends how tight the playoff race is though. [Edited on 2005/12/9 by Trizzak]
  13. oh come on... She can have her choice of month. The Canadiens bikini is mandatory however
  14. Nice edit. I was about to thank you for the compliment.
  15. Sounds like a great idea. I'm in.
  16. I selected it, I hit Voter, then suddenly I'm being asked to fill in a bunch of information about myself, and I don't know exactly what cause I've forgotten most of my grade 10 french. so...I may have voted? *shrug*
  17. I suddenly feel left out.
  18. I can answer that last question with a solid maybe. 5:30 am and I'm not tired. ######ing insomnia. I think we should have a Girls of Habsworld calender, that is, if there are actually 12 female Habs fans here.
  19. Yes, but look at karma coming back and kicking our ass with key injuries.
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