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  1. You know, if we were losing games because the other teams were better, it wouldn't hurt that much. I could deal with losing to Toronto as long as they actually beat the Habs. But if we keep losing because of one-sided referees, I'm gonna stop watching/listening.
  2. It's official. Every team is paying the refs except Montreal.
  3. My apologies. but let's face it, "dark_faerie" is a tad misleading.
  4. What the hell? I clearly said that there were to be NO stupid penalties tonight! Perhaps next game I should tell them to take as many as they can. Flog them for their insolence!!!
  5. Zednik nets a pretty one after a tic-tac-toe pass from Koviu and Perezhogin. Streit scores one on the PP, all is forgiven...okay maybe not all. Pleky does it again, ties the game in the dying seconds of the third. And Bonk scores in OT with a nifty wraparound. faerie dear! wakeup! you are dreaming again Go Habs! You heard her! If dark_faerie says it, it must be done.
  6. So, who nets the first Montreal goal? I'm gonna say Zednik on a feed from Koivu. We'll need the first line producing like 3 lines to get back in this one. Also, hey, how about Bonk getting one? That would put him in my good side for a bit. Come on Bonk, score a goal and make me like you. Just trying to give him some incentive...
  7. This may be the year of the NDP. Harper just gives me chills whenever I look at him, and Martin has shown himself to be practically useless.
  8. Yes, but I also thought the Americans wouldn't re-elect Bush... I tell you man, I was in the USVI when that happened and everyone there was pissed. I felt like taking the first american tourist I could find and punching them in the face.
  9. Not really. Considering they're battling the best team in the NHL and the refs I'm quite happy with the score now.
  10. My mistake, I jumped the gun on that one. I could have swore I heard a buzzer and the announcer say the period was over... then again, cjad hasn't been working well for me lately. "Dande......nault........ska....tes up the left si..........de....................Ottawa scores." That's about what I get.
  11. 2nd period over and only 12 pages. A round of applause for the few loyal here, you're a better fan than I, I guess.
  12. Think of it this way guys... anything that happens tonight will be above our expectations
  13. 3 - 2 win If it's gonna happen, that's how it will happen.
  14. I think after 16 shooters, and when it comes to a guy who hasn't scored yet this season, he's allowed to try something spectacular. Like the announcer said "That's about the only shot that could beat Kolzig"
  15. Bottom line is you don't touch the official. He may have deserved it, but it was a dumbass move.
  17. I love how he hadn't scored a goal yet this year and comes up with that gem
  18. She was banned? That may have been the funniest thread I've seen here.
  19. I'll give you "mad props" (as the kids say....or at least used to say) for signing up here despite not being a Habs fan. If my ex signed up here to try to get involved in my hobby...no, my passion, she might not be my ex. Actually that's not true, but I would have appreciated the effort. Anyways, enjoy the site! Message to everyone else: Be nice!
  20. can someone explain the reffing situation to me? what happened?
  21. Once again, another Saturday game I will miss because of announcing. I gotta try to sneak a mini-tv in my booth or something.
  22. I'm in favour of Ryder on the top line. I just want to see Ribs and Ryder seperated for a game or two.
  23. We...had a choice? Well in that case I'll choose the Habs win the Leaf game! I just wish I had a choice as to whether the Habs were a dominant team or a frustrating team.
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