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  1. Habs outplayed them most of the game. The dumb penalties took away a lot of momentum. It's the kind of game you can win when you have McDavid, and the kind of game you can lose when you don't have McDavid.
  2. Habs get a good bounce, then get a bunch of bad ones. So it goes.
  3. Habs kept the Oilers in their own end for an absurd amount of time. Got a few shots, and it was really building to a scoring opportunity that never really happened. Edit: Also, maybe take up yoga?
  4. Are hockey blue balls a thing? Because the last 2 minutes of the period gave me it.
  5. Didn't like the shot into the crest killing the play while the Edmonton player was struggling to his feet, but Petry comes right back a few seconds later with an assist on the Danault tip. Tie game, now stay the better team for the rest of the game.
  6. I hope that shorty wakes up Petry. His rushes have been sorely missed lately.
  7. Which of these teams played less than 24 hours ago?
  8. Who determines what an "expected goal" is? If it's a mildly fat guy sitting on a sofa watching his favourite team and saying, "He should have scored there" on every innocuous play, I would like to apply for the position.
  9. Would Julien even play him? Gonna take a lot more guaranteed offense to get Cousins out of Claude's lineup.
  10. Big save by Price, big oof by Rittich, big 2 points by the Habs. Next up is Edmonton on Saturday (who also plays Friday night against Pittsburgh.)
  11. "What I'd like right now is for all you fat, out of shape, Calgary sweathogs to keep the noise down while I put my stick on the ice and show all the ladies how a real man is supposed to tip pucks in the net!"
  12. Fleury got away with a grab on Lucic there for sure.
  13. Loved Gonchar. I say "Habs legend" facetiously, not sarcastically... he got 1 of his 220 goals in a Habs uniform.
  14. Got a ways to go to beat Bourque, but next to catch is Habs legend Gonchar at 220.
  15. Lehkonen messing with offensive opportunities he's not even involved in. Kidding, of course. That was some horribad judgement by the refs.
  16. 1st game back after sitting for 8. I mean, he is terrible, but he's got an excuse for at least a game.
  17. In Habs game bingo, "Lehkonen misses an offensive opportunity" is the free square.
  18. Harris tied his point total from last year (13) in 21 fewer games.
  19. Really really low. Baertschi back on waivers.
  20. Habs were just as frustrated playing that game as fans were watching it. Wasting points on bad teams though...
  21. Feels like if they get one the dam will bust open.
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