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  1. He has to play there for 5 seasons. Do you expect him to publicly state "I really didn't want to come back here. They are basically holding me hostage until I can get out in 5 years. Also, to the fans of Carolina... #### you."?
  2. Laval is going to have depth this season if for no other reason than Bergevin thinks his bottom 3 is a bottom 6. Based on Julien's preferences I guess we can write Cousins, Thompson, Weal in pen for the 4th line, but the 13th forward is going to be a competition between Peca, Weise, Hudon, and Varone on who he hates the least on the final day of training camp. Not even gonna be shocked if it's Weise.
  3. Armia and Lehkonen filing are both for contract negotiations. Hudon filing is literally just another bullet in his, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TRADE ME!" gun.
  4. Byron with Drouin and Domi.
  5. They're going full out with their marketing and media on matching the offer. If they don't, that will be a bigger "#### you" to their own fans than it would be to Montreal. They're just going to wait the whole 7 days to do it so they can a) inconvenience the Habs on a rather minor scale, and b) have more time to scrape together an extra 11 million for Aho's bonus that they'll owe him 5 days after officially matching the offer.
  6. All I'm seeing from the Waddell and Dundon quotes about the offer sheet is, "I'm not owned! I'm not owned!" They're pissed while trying to play it off as a win. But they will match it. Oh well, good try, but moving on now what are you gonna do with 12+ million in cap space, Marc?
  7. No. If Aho ends up coming here the Habs don't have the money for Gardiner. If Aho doesn't end up here and Gardiner is still available in 7 days then something is very wrong with him.
  8. I'm not much of a fan of trading away Shaw for picks if the cap space is going to be used on an unlikely offer sheet. If Carolina matches the offer in 7 days, then the Habs just got worse for no reason with all the top UFAs gone. LD is still a mess with or without Aho. The past 48 hours have been exciting, but what has actually been accomplished?
  9. Drouin - Aho - Gallagher Domi - Kotkaniemi - Byron Tatar - Danault - Armia Lehkonen - Thompson - Weal Poehling, Evans, Suzuki as potential future C's... Habs would rival the rest of the Atlantic division for centre depth with that move.
  10. Low revenue teams/cheap owners hate big signing bonuses because it's a lump sum payment all at once. Some teams don't have that kind of money all at once.
  11. Bergevin clawing at the Offer Sheet casket yelling, "He's not dead! Let him out!" Carolina has a week to match the offer.
  12. First I've seen Peca's name attached to Laval, but I don't disagree. With Lindgren also on a 1 way deal, that will be $8 425 000 on the farm team. Somebody's gotta get dealt, no way Molson wants to pay that much on the farm team all season.
  13. Fits the style of goaltending partner Price likes, which is to say he's a really nice guy who knows he's a backup.
  14. So the first one, because offer sheets don't actually exist anymore.
  15. Meanwhile Hudon is trying to fit into either Shaw or Deslauriers' suitcases.
  16. That's pretty great value for Deslauriers.
  17. Me, the pessimist: Habs are getting Simmonds.
  18. I'm guessing that in actual money being handed out, with Reimer's $2 250 000 signing bonus next season Reimer would technically cost Florida more than Darling, but the difference is like $100 000 total, and Darling's money is just spread out more evenly over the 4 years than Reimer's. I dunno, got nothing.
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