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  1. I gotta say I find the line combos coming out of special teams to be more intriguing than the usual ones. We know what Tatar - Danault - Gallagher can do, but what about Kovalchuk - Domi - Gallagher? Tatar - Suzuki - Armia?
  2. Cousin's goal doesn't happen without Evans and Weise going balls out to the net. Bishop was expecting a pass the entire time.
  3. Gallagher and Domi both go to the dressing room. The "Habs can't have nice things" file is an entire cabinet now.
  4. File this under "The Habs aren't allowed to have nice things"
  5. Hope to see Evans do well, as I expect Thompson will be traded in 9 days. So incredibly dumb playing Price this much. The season is over, stop overplaying him!
  6. But did Claude Julien like or not like that third period?
  7. Are any of the current prospects likely to put up 70 points in the NHL? I think this speaks to the feeling that Timmins and his crew draft a quantity of NHLers but can't often find quality NHLers.
  8. UFA this summer. $5 142 857 cap hit ($6 000 000 salary.)
  9. Didn't miss a shift during the game, but here we are.
  10. Stop me if you've heard this one before: Habs work hard but don't get the offense needed to win the game.
  11. The puck hit the lip of the boards and deflected out. It was a really weird angle but shouldn't have been a penalty.
  12. Petry has done more for the Bruins this game than he has for the Habs.
  13. The recapture penalty goes up every year. If he retires this year then the penalty is 3 million for the rest of the contract. If he retires with 2 years left it's 12 million for 2 years. If he retires in the final year of his contract it would cost Nashville 25 million for 1 year. Edit: Brian has more accurate numbers than me. And a kinder heart. Not to mention a body that just doesn't quit.
  14. Habs finally showed up to the game, but in the offensive end they are about as threatening as a box of newborn kittens.
  15. Drouin's worst shift ever? Boston up 1 - 0.
  16. A few hours ago it was, "We'll know more by the end of the week" and now all of a sudden it's a firm diagnosis? This team is ####ing weird, man.
  17. Habs and hiding the severity of a player's injury - name a more iconic duo.
  18. Having read Wheeler's series, I gotta say... yeesh, I'm not sure the Habs belong at 2. One prospect in the top tier? The words "middle six" appear a lot sooner than in other teams' lists. I'm not particularly impressed with having more 3rd line tweeners than every other team. How excited am I supposed to get that Harris might replace Mete in 3 years? The upside in this pool compared to others drops off immediately after Caufield. That's horrifying.
  19. Presumably this was a stat for recent seasons.
  20. Habs got a full 2 minutes of 5 on 3 and an extra minute of powerplay. They did nothing with it. Coyotes deserved that win.
  21. Danault is not back to start the 3rd. Took a puck to the jaw in the 2nd.
  22. Habs had a few opportunities to put the Yotes away that period but couldn't even manage a shot on some of them.
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