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  1. Looked up a couple former Habs to see how they’re doing. Aside from a goal in first game of season Danault has no other points, is a minus player, and his ice time has dropped significantly from 19/20 min to 15 min/game and has occurred with a steady, yet consistent downward trend. He averages less than a shot per game and zero hits/blocks. KK is still hovering around 12 min/game and while listed as playing top 6 and PP his ice time does not support that, he is getting bottom six minutes while his “line mates” play 17-20 min/game and they do not penalty kill as is same for him. Obv he is not playing centre as well. Gotta wonder if both of them may end up regretting the decision to forego their respectively secure, promising positions with the Habs. I see why KK took the dough that was offered, but given what Danualt ended up signing for I kind of think there could have been a compromise to be found to keep him around. He won’t be staying in top 6 in LA for long, will be in same boat as Mtl where younger players surpass him. Didn’t think I’d miss him this much haha.
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