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  1. Playin solid. Mete having a rough game. Looked lost a few times
  2. If anything he's more sore from not being in a game for so long, since last night
  3. Ya, you're right. I've personally always liked Hudon, but i mean to see him on waivers, isn't going to hurt that much. He's probably being shopped pretty heavily right now
  4. I figured the roster spots would be an issue. I also wouldn't care if Chaput was put on waivers though
  5. Oilers placed Valentin Zykov on waivers. Seems like a Scherbak type of player. Put up good numbers in the AHL. Good size...
  6. Neimi in a back to back against Tampa.... may get out of hand
  7. Maybe Price's "injury" was more about him having a baby
  8. What was the game where Price got twisted around and it looked like he hurt his knee?
  9. I think Poehling is going to be a beast this year
  10. That's julien's game. High volume shots. It's basically a turn over
  11. Solid period, other than goal I've noticed it for a while, but Lehkonen and Kotkaniemi don't really have any chemistry.
  12. I'm glad Kotkaniemi got off the Lehkonen, Byron line. You could see his frustration last game. They went dry Byron hasn't looked right lately
  13. I seriously don't understand why they're playing Benn over 18min
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