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  1. Petry is having a great year, but man he does some dumb shit sometimes
  2. No reason Kotkaniemi can't take some shifts with Tatar and Gallagher
  3. Same reason he changed back to his old mask. Juju
  4. Price's stats. That's not taking into account goalies who have only played a couple games GP- 5th Wins- 7th SA-9th GAA- 30th SV%- 40th
  5. Shaw, 18pts in last 18 games. This isn't going to happen; and I'm not trying to sound ignorant, but if there was ever a time to move Shaw in some type of package for a d-man, it would be now. Especially with Armia's come back on the horizon.
  6. I didn't bring it up, but nice to rile everyone up
  7. I notice Reilly's defensive flaws a lot more lately
  8. We'll I'd take Schmaltz and stepan over last years Danault and Plekanec Schmaltz has 9pts in 9 games. Not looking too bad
  9. Galchenyuk has missed his 3 straight game with LBI.... Rough go in Arizona. I hated how the whole Galchenyuk situation went down. Him playing 4th line in the playoffs was a joke. That's not going to get the best out of a player, it was more Julien slapping him on the wrist... I understand he could be frustrating at times, but that's a 30 goal scorer, on a team that was eliminated from the playoffs because they couldn't score goals. Centre or not, this kid was in the dog house. Galchenyuk scored 30 goals his first full year at centre and then put up 24 points in his first 24 games the following season; before a significant knee injury....People had a right to be frustrated with how that whole situation was handled. Arizona has more depth at centre, so it's more understandable that he moves to wing. Montreal had NOTHING of substance at centre. I can also almost guarantee that at some point in time he'll be back down the middle.
  10. It's nice to have a couple players that have some hope down there
  11. How has Alain been looking. I've been rooting for him
  12. You can definetly notice when team's are on the rush, they all filter to the left side of the ice.
  13. He had a clean look at the shot. The entire right side of the net was wide open. You are right though, but man, Price has let up a lot of goals this year. Fun game to watch. D was definetly suspect
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