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  1. I’d like to keep Toffoli and hope we do.
  2. We also lost Perry and Staal. One was more valuable than the other but just saying.... There’s even Paul Byron. It’s not like he wore an “A” or anything...
  3. I’m going to say this half way through the game. Isn’t Toffoli supposed to be a force against the Canucks?
  4. Okay, understood. Sorry about that. It’s all good to reminisce though. Especially considering he just got fired. And you definitely made your point that he certainly wasn’t the worst gm in the world, as many had liked to portray throughout his tenure.
  5. As my thoughts continue.... My general sentiment is that on either end of the spectrum, there is and has been too much emphasis and focus placed on Marc Bergevin. The team’s successes and failures are much bigger than him. Of course the general manager plays an important role in the composition of the lineup however when I look at the top and see teams like Pittsburgh and Washington, I think of Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. These are players who have been on their respective teams for 15+ years. Pittsburgh and Washington have been through multiple GMs in that timespan. Furthermore, there was nothing in Bergevin’s power that could be done to prevent Pittsburgh and Washington from having those type of players. This is simply my point, in that there are a large amount of factors that are being overlooked with this data. Who has been the player who gives our team the main perceived recipe for success? Carey Price. Also here for 15+ years and longer than our GM’s tenure. Had Carey Price maintained a super human level at any point, the Habs may have a cup and it would have had little to do with Bergevin. This can obviously only be said in retrospect considering we did not win, and I understand that. On the other end of the spectrum, having Carey Price, our best player on the team, has nothing to do with Bergevin, so how does he deserve credit or angst for his performance? I apologize that it comes off as attacking the hard work put in, as it is not intended that way. It is true, however that the tables were started with an agenda in mind and while I am on the same side of the fence that Bergevin was an average GM, rather than the worst GM in the league, I think that the debate is still up in the air and basically anyone can have their own opinion on the topic.
  6. Confused about your last line. Who’s getting worked up? And why should we move on? He was just fired. Seems reasonable to discuss the topic.
  7. I was asked yesterday whether Bergevin was a good or bad GM. After a slight pause, I came to the conclusion in my own head that Bergevin was just about an average GM. I don’t think that just because Montreal would be 12 or 13th out of ~30 teams on these tables, it would mean Bergevin was without a doubt an “above average” GM. There are too many factors which can be overlooked. Including the fact that based on those statistics he likely inherited an above average team. There are also injuries (to our team and others), unforseen circumstances, exceeding expectations, underachieving, global pandemics, etc. etc. etc. Long story short, the Habs may have been a slightly above average team under his tenure but similar to the fact that I never placed disastrous play from our team solely on Bergevin’s shoulders, I wouldn’t be able to state that he is 100% the reason for the team’s statistical output. The players and coaches’ actions and efforts on any given day are simply out of Bergevin’s hands, despite him being the one at the helm. This is coming from someone who defended Bergevin much more than attacked him, so I have no agenda here. With all that being said, we’re not far off. You see him as an above average GM, and I have him just about average. Not the end of the world, nor nothing to throw arms up in a fit about.
  8. Yes, until we land the 4th pick and draft someone worthy of being a late first rounder.
  9. I’m not as big on the draft as other people until it is actually happening. Then of course I want the Habs to have access to every elite prospect. It’s not something within my personality that can be changed, nor do I really care to. Even if all the smartest talking heads will always repeat that tanking is a better option, I will always be one that enjoys the entertainment value of every single game, and winning is more entertaining. I also disagree with tanking in general and especially this early in the season. It’s been said ad nauseum but tanking ensures nothing, including actually getting access to the first overall pick, and with our recent high end picks leading to literally nothing in more than one circumstance, it’s simply never worth putting myself through the agony of defeat in order to think about the potential, albeit unlikely benefits that losing will provide for us in the future.
  10. It’s one thing to lose. It’s another to let in 5 goals against on a consistent basis.
  11. Just a random observation that this is how life without Price feels to those who have always wanted to trade him. Because the 1 or 2 elite players or prospects we would have (perhaps) received in return aint stopping the puck.
  12. Since it’s so obvious, are the coaches simply too shy to say something to him? I’m not being sarcastic here, but it’s the coaches responsibility to take him aside and tell him that if he takes stupid penalties, he’s done in the big league. If they are indeed encouraging his style of play, then the penalties are simply not stupid. I get that there are brain dead players out there, but this type of thing seems to be something the coaches could at least point out to him. If they have, and he continues to take dumb penalties, he wouldn’t be getting any ice time at all. (with all that being said, I missed the penalty/fight)
  13. Pezzetta woke up today and chose offense over violence. 1g, 2 sog, 0 hits after 2
  14. Enjoy the game. From my side of things, it’s nice to be able to look forward to a game. It’s been awhile since we’ve played the Bruins but it always feels a little different when we do. I expect the 4th line to be active tonight and can see Gallagher, Anderson, Suzuki and Toffoli having strong games. 3-2 win? (Okay, okay, I said all that before seeing the updated lines. Here’s to hoping.)
  15. I respect the recent arguments and thought of some of the same things... For instance, the reality that just because a skilled player cannot translate those skills into the NHL, this does not mean that a less skilled player will all of a sudden become an impact NHLer. With that being said, I think this whole topic is based on perspective. The modern configuration moving forward seems to be to have 4 lines who possess skill whereas in the past, the 4th line has often had size and brought energy. Those who subscribe to the more modern model will obviously not even consider Pezzetta as a possibility. It won’t even be a discussion to them. My perspective is that there have actually been some decent teams with grit in the recent past... say as an example Ryan Reaves on Vegas/Rangers. No, Pezzetta is no Reaves but the point remains the same considering we do not have a Reaves. Vegas was a good team with him. I understand that the conversation began as a thought about Pezzetta’s points off setting the reality that he takes penalties but I believe he brings more to the table than points... though I won’t go into the topic of intangibles. Finally, the only reason I bring up bias is because it seems from what I have seen from those who dislike Pezzetta, they completely overlook anything positive he does when ranting about his negatives. I also have to bring up an example concerning one of the penalties he took the other day that was a complete phantom call. Yet apparently people were ready to rip his head off and blame him as though he should be aware he will get a “reputation call” merely 6 games into his NHL career. I do feel as though it’s a bit of a bias but can understand if your head is saying “wait another 20 games and you will get sick of his penalties as well.” Perfectly understandable if that is the case. Until then, I’ve liked what I have seen thus far.
  16. It’s far from a fact that someone is a shitty NHLer after only 6 games. Out of all people, some of the recent posters should know that. Just because you’ve watched someone play in the AHL, does not mean that he will be the exact same type of player, or have the same level of impact in the NHL. Daniel Carr, Bud Holloway, Charles Hudon, Sven Adrighetto, Matt D’Agostino etc., etc, etc, were all/are all shitty NHLers, and they are decent AHL players. So call Pezzetta shitty, and he can join that “highly skilled” group. I cannot argue against the reality that Pezzetta is more likely than not to eventually be sent down. We are talking about a 4th liner, after all. I can argue the fact however that I’ve liked what I have seen from him during his small NHL sample size, without having past biases cloud my judgement, as well as expectations.
  17. Yeah but the score is 1-0... so his pass > the penalties he took. I understand that it’s nothing against Pezzetta personally. The people who dislike him would dislike any player in the league who brings his style of play to the table, due to the fact that it will lead to a lot of penalties. The problem is that they are also often going out of their was to “search” for the things he does wrong. I personally don’t mind having a player who gets under the skin of the opponent even if that means he will end up in the box from time to time. He also brings energy and he finds himself around the net a lot, so I feel as though he brings other things to the table. What I will admit is that if the Habs were 1st in the division, there’s a distinct possibility Pezzetta is not on the team.
  18. Merely the only team in the NHL that hasn’t lost in regulation over the last 10 games. In other words, the other hottest team in the NHL. I expect a win.
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