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  1. First time I’ve said “wooow” with a few “o’s” after a Habs goal in quite awhile.
  2. Dvorak should be in the press box. -3 and -5 in his last two games respectively. Even though we don’t like that stat.
  3. A couple of notes: 1) A lot of people (not that they were experts) were surprised Pezzetta was sent down after his “strong” preseason with the Habs. I personally thought he played well and wouldn’t be surprised to see him buzzing around the net a few times within the next few games. With that being said, one would expect things to return to the norm with him if he were to stay with the Habs for say, 20 games +. 2) Pezzetta’s Habs mugshot is similar to that of Brandon Tanev’s this year. Here’s to similar success. vs As for Caufield, he’ll be alright.
  4. Exactly. That’s what we are doing here; we are speculating. When you put both speculations side by side which one sounds more “professional”. 1) Canes wanted revenge 2) Canes saw a fit Of course #2 does not exactly state that it was because he was Finnish but it could certainly a subcategory on the subject. Anyway, it’s a very small detail that has been blown out of proportion on this page but personally I think it’s almost obvious that the organization would have thought Ago and Teravainen could have some type of positive impact on KK. Of course this could be then said about any team and any ethnicity so it is indeed too broad of a statement. Why do I think it applies here? Because Kotkaniemi is not in the ball park of being worth 6 million, but the Canes obviously think there is some untapped potential there. Of course the Canes did want revenge on the Habs as well in the end, but that was the initial statement that led to this debate.... that it was a “perfect storm” with multiple factors leading to the outcome. Yes, that’s what I was saying as well. We are mainly talking about Carolina management’s perspective. With that being said, it’s not that bold of a statement to say that Kotkaniemi may have relished the idea of playing with Aho and Teravainen as well. In this case, I am not stating that this was his main reason for signing. Other people are simply choosing to interpret things that way.
  5. It’s more from Carolina’s perspective. KK isn’t worth 6 million. One has to justify it in some type of manner from Carolina’s perspective. Were they trolling the Habs? Or did they see a potential fit due to the skilled Finnish players on their team? Perhaps they overrate him for the same reason. It’s true that there could be a thousand reasons why Carolina did what they did but it was indeed a perfect storm that caused this because this was a relatively unique situation that hasn’t been successful since Penner in the early 2000s. Sure, KK signed because of the 6 million. The simple open ended question is why was he offered 6 million?
  6. It really doesn’t matter how many games they played in this context (though Leskinen did only play 1). It matters what language they speak, and what nation they represent. I am not going to say that Kotkaniemi decided to join the Hurricanes because of their Finnish contingent considering we have the likes of Armia and Lehkonen, and Koivu even hyped his future as a Hab. With that being said, I can entirely envision Carolina feeling as thought he would be a good fit considering they have a couple of very strong Finnish players on their squad who could perhaps inspire KK to play up to his perceived potential. If one wants to flip that train of thought and apply it to Kotkaniemi, well that makes a lot of sense as well, though that was not the original comment anyway. habs29 simply pointed out that Carolina having a few strong Finnish players on their squad was part of a perfect storm which led up to Kotkaniemi ending up with Carolina, and I tend to agree. The fact the Habs have Finnish players on their squad is irrelevant, especially when comparing them to Aho, and Teravainen.
  7. 3 each last year (Aho, Teravainen, Hakanpaa) Though Hakanpaa only player 15/56 games. Canes have 4 this year (Aho, Teravainen, Kotkaniemi, Rantaa)
  8. To the announcer on SN: Lindstrom ≠ Lidstrom
  9. I wasn’t the biggest KK draft pick fan but it’s clear to me that he will be superior to Eller and obviously superior to Moen and Smith-Pelley. There are plenty of Elite players who are streaky as well, and the hand picked stats that have been used could apply to most players given such a small sample size. This is all without taking into consideration Kotkaniemi’s age, and how he is far from his prime. The most points Eller has ever had in a season is 39. Kotkaniemi had 34 in his rookie season. Without this recent discussion clouding my brain, I can see Kotkaniemi having a few 65 point seasons. Of course, my assumption is as good as yours...
  10. Not overly enthusiastic about hearing that Kotkaniemi got on the scoresheet during his Canes debut with 1PPG, 1A and it’s only the preseason. /end rant PS: I know we’ve recently lost some 3rd overall picks who didn’t pan out anywhere, and I also didn’t want to draft Kotkaniemi, so I am all over the place, but when people were comparing his potential to Barkov/Kopitar, etc.... I have bad feeling about losing him.
  11. My order was Zadina Tkachuk Then it would have been Hughes KK? That’s why I can never talk crap. Because I wanted Zadina. With that being said, I was really high on Tkachuk as well and was surprised how the consensus was to go against him. I loved what he brought the the USA junior team prior to draft. I also say all that being one of the people who are unhappy KK is gone.
  12. I’m in the minority but although there may have to be a reorganization in the structure of our salary, I think you match. We’ll see how things play out but I believe we will.
  13. Tough to see Perry go. Would have loved to have him for the next two years.
  14. I did not even think of Weber when I thought of this signing as being a “meh” signing. Again, it was his 0 goals, 0 assists and -8 statistics from his most recent time in Tampa. Personally I tend to encourage Habs players and get annoyed when fans put our own players down. This is simply not a signing that excites me.
  15. I can’t really find myself using Dougie Hamilton and David Savard in the same sentence when I see 0 G 0 A and -8 with Tampa last season. I know, he’ll bring more than points, but still. This is a meh for me.
  16. Why are you so jealous? Who cares if that’s what she is doing. Mind your own business and move on with it. No one could care less about your opinion that no one agrees with, or have any pity that your emotions have been hurt over this.
  17. Not sure if we are looking at the same thing here but Wideman had 46 PIM in his prime, not 46 points.
  18. That has nothing to do with the discussion. The question was why wasn’t he picked up, and the reason was cap hit combined with age. Hamilton would have been picked up were he exposed with a 10 million cap hit because he is also younger. And if he would not have been, then I simply disagree with Francis’ approach.
  19. One has to combine that dollar value with age. If Carey Price was 28 years old like Hamilton and had no previous injury concerns, they would have taken him.
  20. Right before we pick, I’d like Raty
  21. Kassian? (Not that he’s an a-hole but was more of a risk on the character side)
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