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  1. Don't be too sure Toronto played last night. If they were well rested could be a different story. The issue with this team is its D. Theirs a reason why our PK is bad because it unmaskes our weaknesses on the D side. Our D has a hard time boxing players out and clearing the zone. 5 on 5 you really can't notice it that much but on the PK you can.
  2. Julien won't be coach that long here to hamper Kotkaniemi development. When I look at him i kind of see a Jordan Staal type of clone. A very good two way checking center that will put up around 50-60pts a year. I could be wrong but I get that vibe with him.
  3. I never underestimate Pittsburgh they always seem to pull off a trade or two.
  4. Wonder who they're trying to clear the cap space for 🤔
  5. Its sad isn't it we were a goal scorer away from making the Stanley cup finals and maybe even wining a cup to becoming a bubble team every year.
  6. Sorry to inform you but the last 4 years we've been a bubble team.
  7. Man its good to have this problem and depth at center for a change in hab land lol
  8. Don't forget the league now knows these guys too and can put game plans in place for them. Too me it was a weak D last year and a weak D this year. They get caught out of place to many times.
  9. You don't trade him because he's playing out of position. You trade him because we now have depth at center and we have a big hole on LD. Kotkaniemi or Poehling could be that two way guy you use like you would Danault. I feel theirs more upside to Poehling and Suzuki so I am keeping the both of them. Domi has more offense so I am keeping him over danault. so if the price for a top LD is danault I am doing the trade. In 2-3 years centers should be Domi Kotkaniemi Suzuki Poehling Which could be pretty damn good.
  10. Yeah like Danault is the only guy that can do that . Like I said it all comes down to who we get back.
  11. It depends on who we get back in a trade, that player could do all the things Danault does. If we are getting back a top LD does the things Danault does its a plus since it fills a need. For instance Danault + Byron in a trade could net us a really good top LD.
  12. Why break up that 4th line that's been doing so good? I would put Byron on Domi's line and try and get him scoring again. Byron could be good trade bait down the line, Love the guy but I think his becoming the odd man out.
  13. He has been more reliable ever since Weber went down last year and he became the #1 guy.
  14. At this point mete isn't the one who is a number one D. The kid still needs to develop. Weber has to cover a lot of his mistakes. If Weber had a reliable #1 on his Left side he could just worry about his own game. This is why this should of been the number one priority in the off season, either through trade of free agency.
  15. Yeah not a fan of bye weeks in NHL. This isn't football. Maybe they should take a week out of preseason and start the season earlier. Its almost like today's sports athletes are to pampered.
  16. No email took long to get. I was using Yahoo mail never got a email but when I switch to my outlook one I use for work i got the email. Oh ok never noticed it. But maybe you should show that progress instead of the voting system. I have noticed some people make some really good post but got downvote because it was a negative toward management. Also noticed only popular posters got a like on their post more times then others. Just some outside prospective for you.
  17. Hi all even though this is my first post I always look in and read some post from time to time. Thought I would finally sign up. If you're looking for a new system how about the more you post the more you level up. And you show the persons level up instead of how many it times their post have been liked. This way gets more people posting more often and it doesn't become a popularity contest.
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