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  1. Antoine Vermette is the guy i hope they are looking at in Columbus
  2. He might be just what we need on D, Plays the right side, Big and fights...
  3. GO HABS GO :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  4. I would go with these D lines Hamrlik-SUBBAN Spacek-Wisniewski GILL-Weber
  5. GO HABS GO :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  6. pretty much everyone agrees that we need a big winger but who do we go after? i think one guy that might be had is Dustin Penner but not sure what we have to give up? some other guys that might be trade bait Jarome Iginla Jamie Langenbrunner Patrik Elias Alex Tanguay
  7. another reason i like this move it shuts up a lot of maple leafs fans and what they think they can get for Tomas Kaberle..Wisniewski is younger, cheaper, as more grit and puts up about the same numbers.
  8. if i was nyi i sign MAB now and take Brian Rolston off re-entry waivers..
  9. pretty good move but i hope we dont send down pk..
  10. i always hated Kovalev. komi was way over rated by habs fans. I thought Higgins had the mosted up sizes but i think he over rated him self .
  11. first of all i love subban but we all know he well be great but i think jm is taking a look at weber to see if his a guy you like to keep or move...face it after this year we got to take a look at our D and see who we like to keep, so i think this is just a test to see how weber can play in the nhl.
  12. I just use Iginla as a example..But Iginla is in the top 15 in scoring for rw on a bad team. so i think he go a few good year left yet but 7 mil a year would hurt but its only as 2 more year after this one.
  13. 2 of those team sucked for a lot of year to get top draft pick and det sign alot of vet so their young guy could development in the ahl. Every team finds differnt ways to win.
  14. I agree about the future but a day must come and u got to put your cards on the table and go for it..U cant always play it safe. With the way the team is playing i feel we are 1 or 2 players away from a shot at the cup. The leafs are not a good team to compare us 2. A first from the leafs is worth alot more as it well be in the top 5, montreal top pick well be in the last 5.
  15. would iginla push us to the next level? If i thought iginla could help us bring the cup home this year, which i do..I make the trade. I feel we need another rightwing to play with gomez and i thing iginla could be a good fit. This would be a win now not worry about the future trade. Kostitsyn- Plekanec - Gionta Cammalleri - Gomez - iginla Pouliot - Eller - Darche Pyatt - Halpern - Moen
  16. if we want to make a trade with a team could we trade Markov to make it work? cash wise i mean.. for ex.Markov,1st rounder,Pacioretty,Schultz for Iginla
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