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  1. you know what else would clear up room? Sending Gomez to the minors!! (Not to beat a dead horse, but I really can't take it anymore)
  2. Yes yes and yes... Everything Colin said... Except I'm kind of hoping Gauthier doesn't have that much more rope either...
  3. The fact that Gomez has gotten 'a bit' better this year really isn't enough considering how he's been for two years now. I understood a couple of years ago when he was sucking that we couldn't send him down because we were afraid of whether it would impact other vets to come play in Montreal, but now it's become something fairly normal to send underperforming vets that are overpaid to the minors (Redden, Souray, etc)... I really do believe we wouldn't be having the other salary cap discussions if we had Gomez's salary off our books. I would love to see him traded, but since that won't happen, sending him to the minors would be just fine. And the reason people rag on him and not on Plex, or whoever else, is how LONG he's been sucking, and it's been LONG!
  4. Heheh... I love when my Habs beat my home town (ottawa)...
  5. The one I'm most concerned about is Eller, and it's too early to say how their relationship will turn out. I do like that after benching him last night, he defended him to the media and said it was more the circumstances than Eller's play. Still, I'd like to see him given more of a chance after mistakes.
  6. The guy I've been least impressed with, for all he's supposed to bea able to do, is Spatch. I like Gorges, Markov,Hammer, and I think Subban will be soon. I hope OB gets a chance to develop cuz he could be great Oops! Forgot to mention Gill. He's either a low ranking top 4 or a great number 5
  7. dear god please no! let's not bring back the poison
  8. Price hasn't had time to be tired and he's playing great.. he should play tonight for sure. I just hope Martin sees it that way...
  9. Yeah, not to mention the fact that both Roy and Dryden went on to long and successful careers... and while I wish Halak the best, there's no telling yet which way his whole career will go.
  10. Yeah, I'm shocked to find out BTH is so young too! wise indeed.
  11. Thanks for the explanation CC. As always and I agree about Subban and OB.. I'm worried for both of these guys long term and how things will go with them with JM...
  12. agreed, but someone has to go on that line with them - so is Moen the best person?
  13. Does anyone else find it odd that it was Moen who was moved up to the G and G line and not Eller? Do you think it's too much pressure for Eller to put him on that line and that's why he wasn't put? I'd really like to see him given a chance to succeed in an offensive role, and given that Pouliot was moved out off the line anyway, so it's not like he's the one who's going to be given the chance, why not try Eller not Moen... I mean, I like Moen and all, but he's not exactly the guy with the softest hands... Of course, maybe he was put there specifically to be the physical presence on the line and make room for G and G?
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