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  1. First of all... Kovalevs going nowhere, second of all.....If they dont try Koivu-Kovalev combination......I will be ultra angry and perhaps throw my molson ex at the TV or attempt to reach the ice. Third of all....I think this line would be lethal...IMO....Gomez-Koivu-Kovalev .....I am drooling as I am typing this....excuse me while i get out the paper towels GO :hlogo: GO
  2. GO with it...Kovalev and Koivu produce when they are put together...if not...at least give them First unit PP time together!
  3. I really hope the habs give this guy another year to prove himself on the second line.....He is not compatible with Kovalev..but with higgins and Plekanec...I have high hopes!
  4. How about we start a Non-Eklund Rumour Thread...cause everything that comes out of that guys mouth is bullshit...lets face it
  5. If Yashin is willing to take a paycut, I would take him. The guy has hands, he has a good shot.....and he can score. Screw what he did with the sens, coming to the Canadiens (a serious cup contender) will be a good chance for him to revitalize his career, and a chance for the CH to make a good cup run in 08. Why Not? As for all of the Russian Haters out there, Screw off, im getting sick of the all french lineup....not EVERY player needs to be french! Besides..Briere and Drury will be asking for juicy contracts anyways....so why not resign souray and add this guy in?
  6. Okay....Im sure some people on here will be calling for my head, But can Sammy step his game up this year? I cant see anyone wanting him for his salary..Why not just keep him and put him on the second line with Plekanec and Higgins? I am totally against his crying last season, but I think if the dressing room accepts him, and Gainey gives him that much needed second chance, all will be good for him this year. Also, I think Kovalev really should play with Koivu and Ryder on Line one this season, especially if that big name centre doesn't arrive. Thoughts?
  7. Past three Cup finals...three Canadian teams make it...Pretty damn impressive...I cant see Toronto or Vancouver stepping it up next season...So...THIS YEAR IS OUR YEAR. GO :hlogo: GO!!!
  8. Okay....But Kovalev didn't make the Canadiens lose their chances to make the post-season in 06/07...the TEAM as a whole did. Kovalev had a very bad season, but recall how many crossbars and posts he hit during the regular season...if they were all a tad left, right, or a few inches below, those are all in the back of the net! So...theoretically speaking...If those posts and crossbars were to have gone in..he would have probably been hoovering somewhere around high 50-low 60 points. What I think he needs to do is just change the blade on his stick! Agreed?
  9. Ok Cup finals...Sens are down 3-1....its very likely that they will lose to Anaheim... As a Habs fan...what would you rather have? Missing the playoffs entirely or suffer a painful Stanley Cup Final series loss? I'm going to have to say missing the playoffs entirely!
  10. Well, dont let the name fool you..He may be my favorite player on Montreal, because when he is on his game, he is on...and is the one who brings 21,273 to their feet and drops many mouthes when making opposing players lose their jockstraps. Expect AK27 to be in full flight next year! And put the guy with Koivu if he can't find a compatible linemate...All will be well in the city that eats, breathes, and sleeps hockey! GO :hlogo:
  11. Couldn't agree more with you on this issue. You got Saku and Friends, the French Clique, and the Russian Mafia. The team needs the chemistry like they had two years ago...I remember when Gainey took them out for a dinner and movie when he took over as coach to finish the season. It all starts at Saku, and they need to do things as a team outside the dressing room.
  12. Last season Koivu was in a whole other world than Kovalev, they dont deserve to be put in the same sentence as each other. I have never seen Saku play so good. I kind of wish that Mikko Koivu would be traded for Samsonov and some Picks. So, Koivu-Koivu-Ryder as first line. It would kind of be like the Sedin's in Vancouver all over again. However, Koivu rightfully so deserves his captaincy with putting up career stats this season. The only recent captaincy stripping in the NHL was from Mike Modano to Morrow, and that was because Modano did not want the role anymore. Higgins had a year where he never returned to normal after his series of injuries. Give him one more year to prove himself before giving him the 'A' too quickly.
  13. If you want a guy who has grit, can really throw the body, and can pot goals.. Why not give Scott Gomez's agent a call up? I know the Habs are gunning for Briere, but Gomez has it all in him. I really liked his hustle against Ottawa in this years playoffs....the guy never took one shift off, and never gave up on a single play. Not sure what all this buzz about Scott Walker is, but here is a comparison. Walker recorded 51 points in 81 games, while Gomez recorded 60 points in 72 games. Walker is 5' 10, 196...Gomez is 5'11, 200. Can I get a number cruncher for salaries here? Not too sure how much of a difference there is. IMO, i think the Canadiens have too many players who are 3rd and 4th line NHL ready, with too many coming up in Hamilton. Why not use that cap money and go gunning for a solid 1st or 2nd Line player, and promote a hard working player who had a good season to the 2nd line? Instead of trying to find the "bargains" on the market?
  14. As stubborn as this sounds coming from a Canadian citizen, I really hope Ottawa doesn't win the cup. Why? As a Canadiens fan, we have one thing left to claim...that the CH were the last CDN team to win the Stanley Cup!! Now lets keep it that way...brb...going to confession booth Me-"CMON!!!! hurry up whoevers in there" Stranger- "Ok im going to keep this short and sweet, God, please dont let the NHL test me or any other Senator for steroids, yours truly, Alfie Da Clown" LETS GO BUFFALO? DETROIT? ANAHEIM?
  15. First of All I'd just like to say greetings to everyone on the forums! Higgins-Briere-Kovalev Kostitsyn-Koivu-Ryder Latendresse-Plekanec-Grabovski Lapierre-Begin-Johnson Emelin-Souray Markov-Komisarek Streit-Carle Gorges Huet-50 games Halak-32 games PP Unit 1: Ryder-Koivu-Higgins (Markov-Souray) Unit 2: Plekanec-Briere-Kovalev (Emelin-Streit) PK: Johnson-Begin Plekanec-Higgins Koivu-Lapierre GO :hlogo: !!!
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