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  1. Cap $$$ Pacioretty - $5 Galchenyuk - $3.5 Radulov - $6 Byron - $1.2 Gagner - $2.5 Danualt - $.95 Lehkonen - $.925 Shaw - $5 Gallagher - $2.75 King - $.925 Flynn - $1 Martinson - $.675 Mitchell - $1.3 Weber - $6 Shattenkirk (or someone like him) - $6 Petry - $6 Markov - $4.5 Jeraluk - $.925 Benn - $1.1 Beaulieu - $1.25 Nesterov - $.75 Price - $10 Montoya - $1 Total = $69.25 (Cap expected to remain at $72) (Left off the list - Emelin (Vegas), Plekanec (Vegas), Davidson, Sergachev) Juggle the number a bit if you want, maybe Galy gets $4.5 but Price ends up with $9.5) - but they work. For discussions sake, who could we land as a top pairing D if Shattenkirk ISN'T the guy...
  2. Not looking for a fight, just looking at options (do we want to win or not? Or are we happy to say - oh well it is the best that we can do) but if you took the time to read my post, I clearly said - Maybe Shattenkirk is the guy, maybe he isn't - what we need is a top pairing D to play with Webber. And we have 6 or 7 million a season to find one if we play our cards right. (And yes, still sign Carey to 10mil a season. And have $$ for Galchenyuk. 2018-19 might be a little tight, but the cap won't stay flat three years in a row. And Markov will be retired by 2019-20.)
  3. See that's the thing. I don't think we need Beaulieu. There are plenty of other D available who can offer what he has given the Habs so far. Would we really miss him? Look how long we hung on to Desharnais. Will we ver miss him? We aren't talking a future Rangers captain here, we are talking Beaulieu. If he walks a young gun gets more playing time. If you look above, I don't even have him cracking our top 6. Of course, I am going after another top pairing D (in this case Shattenkirk), which moves everyone but Weber down a notch. I know everyone goes on and on about our need for a Top Line Centre, and I get it. But I really believe if we build from the net out we will discover we are stronger up front than we think. And building from the net out, doesn't mean the goaltender. It means getting the puck out of your zone as fast as you can and letting your forwards work their magic in the other end. If you are stuck in your zone all night then your goalie hasn't to stand on his head all the time. Think Robinson, Savard, Lapointe, etc. LaFleur and Shutt had a field day. Pierre Larouche scored 50 goals. Dryden made the big saves, but the D transitioned the puck up ice so fast, and kept it there, that other teams didn't have a chance. Weber is a great D, but he needs another guy on his pairing. Markov is still the smartest guy on the ice but he is slowing down. Petry plays best when he doesn't have to be THE GUY. Sure, Emelin can hit, and make guys uncomfortable in front of our net - but he isn't going to get the puck out of our zone. And, I'd rather not have to worry about guys in front of OUR net, because the puck is in the other team's zone! Is Shattenkirk the guy - maybe, maybe not, but he is an option. Is Gagner the guy, probably not, but then again let him play 70% of the time in the offensive zone and we might just be pleasantly surprised. The thing is, great team's built on defence first are best when they are getting the puck up ice rather than scrambling around in their own zone. Just think how great a Centre Galnchenyuk could be if he didn't have to worry about playing defence in his own zone. It worked for LaFleur and Richer...
  4. Galchenyuk is an RFA. He's not getting 6, unless Montreal signs him long term. I don't think he has proven he is worth it yet. Qualifying offer, then he gets what he is worth next year. It a gamble for the Habs but well worth it if it lets the team add to the lineup this year. As for Beaulieu, I am willing to lose him if he wants more than $1.5 at this point. Gagner is a big question mark...but could be a pleasant surprise. Mind you, Montreal hasn't had much luck with this type of player. I don't think Shattenkirk gets more than Weber. But even if it takes a little more, we have some room (A little). And I believe Weber, Shattenkirk, Petry and Markov work as a top 4. I believe Petry has played both sides.
  5. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov Byron - Sam Gagner - Danault Lehkonen - Shaw - Gallagher King - Flynn/Mitchell - Martinson Weber - Kevin Shattenkirk Petry - Markov Jakub Jerabek - Benn Price Montoya Trade a second round pick and Plekanec to Vegas so they take Emelin. Sign: Price at $10 Radulov at $6 Galchenyuk at $3.5 Gagner at $2.5 Shattenkirk at $6 Markov at $4.5 Offer Beaulieu and Nesterov $2 (combined) We are at $69 for the cap, with a little room. If we want we could offer Vanek for $2.5 (put him on the third line) and still have cap room. Let Galchenyuk have a year at Centre, give him a real chance to prove himself. If it works great. If it doesn't - move on. Maybe make a move at the deadline if he hasn't... A strong blueline means the puck is in the other zone more than it is ours. A strong defence then lets the offensive guys play more offence, and guys like Galcehnyuk can worry less about defence and do what they do best. Thoughts?
  6. Yandle for a second,Beaullieu and Weber .
  7. Anyone else hearing Yandle rumours?
  8. Here's the biggest bullshit you've been fed - the owner doesn't just come out of the blue and talk about Briere - a reporter asks him a question and he answers it. I can't understand why people read so much into the timing of answers, or even the responses. It isn't like Gillette called a major press conference to adress the Briere issue. No, this time the rporter in question chose to speak to Gillette intead of get the same answers from Gainey and /or Carbonneau. Not saying Gillette isn't towing the company line in his answer but don't crap all over the team because the owner answered the reporters question. Maybe instead, wonder why no other reporters chose to speak to him - or why this one waited so long to do so?
  9. Yes that is a possibility, but so is finishing dead last. I'd rather trade for a bonifide 1st liner than sit on my a$$ and hope for the best. We have problems that need to be fixed, hoping they go away on their own is counter productive. AGREED. My statement was based on Gainey really trying hard to land a Stand-up UFA, and trying to trade without getting hosed. I believe Gainey is not sitting on his A$$. He is trying. Therefore Im hoping. I've taught myself to hope every year, since 1993. That Stanley cup team was not that great. Great goalie and what? 10 lucky overtimes. We still won. All the kids could surprise with the right confidence instilled and a great ......and I mean GREAT goaltender. Which we could have in our back pocket and not even know it. I'm not talking about Carey Price either. Lucky? Do me a favor. Stop believing in the media BS and check the stats. The 1993 Canadiens and the 2007 Anaheim Ducks are VERY close in comparison. I did all this before in another thread, but I lack the effort to find it right now. Take it easy. I've never been sucked into media. Not until I moved to the States 10 years ago and my only connection to Montreal news was by getting online which for me started in the late 90's. It got even worse when I found HW because every little fart is twisted backwards, forwards, sideways and backwards again that you have no idea what is true and what isn't. I still lived in Canada in 93 and was very happy and excited to watch my beloved Habs win the cup yet again. The last time we all got to see it. They were not expected to be there, let alone win it. They were not an elite team that was favored all year. My POINT in the post you are reffering to was that any hard working team, with a great goalie and a postive attitude has a chance at the cup. Therefore I will hope this year! because Carey Price COULD bring a confidence to the habs dressing room that gives them a chance to win every night. I HOPE!!!!! In 1993 the NHL had something like 5 or 6 players with over 60 friggin goals....and the top ten players in points ranged from 120 to 170 something. Crazy a$$ numbers and players. None were on the Habs roster. The favored team was a loaded Pittsburgh squad but unfortunatly Mario was diagnosed with cancer that year and a lousy Islanders club knocked them out, who fortunatly we met next. That left all the good teams out and all the crappy cinderella stories were left to fight it out themselves. A strange year as I remember. Lucky for us. At that point the city of Montreal was mapping a premature parade route because the only teams left were Montreal, NYI, Toronto and L.A. Out of that group I think the habs were the only team that broke 100 points. We were all dreaming of a Toronto, Montreal final. All of our games against these WEAK teams were CLOSE. 10 overtime wins. Yes, lucky. Patrick Roy saved us. Those over time wins made the series' look lop-sided with a 4-0 sweep, then 4-1 and 4-1. Not true....all the games were tight, may I remind you against crap opponents. On the other side L.A, Toronto, Vancouver, and a last place St.louis were in a dog fight. All crap teams fighting it out through all seven games .....they were exhausted teams, While the habs were LUCKY in overtime and got to rest they're broken ribs(Kirk Muller) after what seemed like a dominating climb to the final. What happens next? We meet an exhausted, beat up , 7th seeded team just coming off a gruelling 7th game overtime win. Welcome to the finals!. WE WIN!!!!!!!! We were LUCKY. PERIOD. No media BS to reflect upon, just my memory. I was doing cart wheels I was so happy, and still am. I'm not going to compare our 93 habs to 07 Anahiem. Completely different circumstances. If there is a small chance at winning the cup this year we would need a lot of LUCK on our side just like in 93, but we would still be missing two important things. Things that" MAKE LUCK" A great goalie and a team that SHOWS UP. I continue to HOPE. The season hasn't even started yet. Me thinks you've been listening to too many anti-Montreal people. Let's stop and seriously think about this for a minute: Basically three 40 goal scorers. Brain Bellows, 40; Vincent Damphousse, 39; Kirk Muller, 37. In other words the offence could come from a lot of different places - not just one guy or even one line. Sure the Habs didn't have a Mario Lemieux but they didn't need him. (I said NEED, everybody wanted him!) Oh did I forget, the lineup also included Denis Savard - who helped a great deal before he limped into the final. What about maybe the best defensive forward in the game in Guy Carbonneau? Mike Keane - how many Stanley Cups did he win? John LeClair - emerging as one of the best power forwards in the league and who used the 93 playoffs as his coming out party. Hmm, Stephane Lebeau only added 31 goals that season. Gilbert Dionne - 20 (I know he never did it again but every champion has a surprise or two) Which leads us to Paul Dipietro - twice as many playoff goals than regular season goals. (yeah he was a surprise, or maybe even a fluke) Eric Desjardins and Mathieu Schneider on defence and a veteran Rob Ramage. (I won't mention Brisebois or Haller or Daigneault or Odelein) Finally some kid named Roy in net. Yeah the team sucked! The problem is you seem to think that it takes a superstar to win a championship. I like it when a TEAM wins. Of course if you are under the influence of a Toronto fan I could understand - they haven't had a TEAM for 40 years!
  10. The best thing about Beauregard is that Real Paiement taught him how to play defence. He came in as a rookie as a one-dimensional player, but boy could he score at 16. Paiement, a defence first coach, spent the first two seasons teaching him the importance of being a solid two-way player. Despite his seemingly low offensive numbers at 17, he was on a last place team and actually lead the club in scoring, all the while playing Paiement's defence first system. He should have had a break outseason at 18, but five games in blew out his knee and didn't play again that year. He had lead the QMJHL in pre-season scoring and had gotten off to a strong start in his first five games before ending up on crutches. Came back at 19 and scored 46 goals on the second line (Mathieu Roy and Olivier Labelle each had 50 for the Titan that year). Was offered a two way AHL/ECHL contract but turned it down to finish his junior career with the Titan. 71 goals speak for themself in his final season. Also, he and Mathieu Carle are best friends. Expect the pair to flourish in Hamilton once reunited - especially on the powerplay. Needs to get a little tougher in the corners, but overall isn't afraid to go into traffic for the puck. Has a knack for finding open ice and is very effective on breakaways in addition to having soft hands around the net.
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