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  1. I say get rid of Huet for a little something in return and rely on Price and Halak. Danis has also played good.
  2. Why in the Heck is Huet playing. Price gives them a better chance to win. Go Habs Go
  3. Chara deserved a susprnsion for his fighting of Lattendresee even though Lats didnt eve have his gloves off. That is a BS suspension to Kostopulos and a BS fine to Carbs.
  4. I was very dissapointed with Huet last night. Its a good thing that Price is in tonight. Go Habs Go
  5. Does anybody know if he is getting the start in Buffalo. Anyways he probably will be in net when the Habs win their next Cup.
  6. I think its time that he had an appretiation thread on here. He looks so calm in net and is now starting to win us games that maybe we should not even be in. How about you guys give this kid a break of being the next Partrick Roy and just watch his amazing play. In a few years you will be able to compare. Lets appreciate.
  7. The Habs need this one to shutup those stupid leafs fans.
  8. Is it confirmed that Toskala gets the start in the game for Toronto. Raycroft got a shutout last game he played.
  9. Your going to the game JMMR I've only seen the Habs play once and that was at the Joe Lois last year. I'm way to far away from Montreal to go there.
  10. i think the Habs are rolling and will surprise people when they beat the Sens today. The afternoon part should have no affect because there better then that. Lately you say that they have been brutal in afternoon games but this is a different team.
  11. Bouillon has looked good so far. Looks like his injury isn't bothering him.
  12. The Habs did not look to sharp in !st but managed to get a 1-0 lead. Awesome.
  13. He is a better player for the Montreal organization than Souray ever would be. He is so responsible with the puck and i trust him entirely. He is such a smart player.
  14. Dont you think that he is deserving of it though.
  15. Hes on waivers. Come on from the game I saw him play he looked good.
  16. This time off may open Lats eyes
  17. Those are good but i feel that Hamrlik deserves a spot.
  18. Yes that is rather weird. It's good to see Montreal as one of the Shutouters.
  19. I am very happy with Hamrlik's play. He is just so responsible with the puck and i must say that i am happy that they signed him instead of Souray. Breezer has looked pretty good. He is making hardly anything so that was a good sign. Kovalev is playing the best hockey of his Habs career. Koivu and Plekanecs have looked good so far as well.
  20. Ya i dont think he was deserving of it but it is still exeptional that he won it.
  21. That was a brutal give away but every player gets one of those.
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