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  1. LOL, Like Theodore, Souray, Ribero, Ryder, Samsonov, Rivet? Or coaches Julien, Vigniault or Therion? This is not a new problem...it's being gong much of this decade...maybe more! The morale/work ethic problem has come up every season...so either it's one (or more) of the long timers on the team or it's a figment of our imagination. Since 2003, here's the players that have been here since I can remember the same problems...Koivu, Kovalev, Markov, Begin, Boulion, Komiserik, Plekanec, Higgins (Brisebois was traded then returned). If it really is a morale issue, you can kinda narrow it down seeing as the other alleged "trouble makers" have been traded but the same problems remain. What scares me is the influence Kovalev has on all the young Russian players...when he goes in the tank, many of the other Russians seem to go into the tank. I may be way off base here, I actually think Kovy ranks in the top 3 when it comes to sheer talent in NHL history...but this is not even close to the first time I've had the nagging feeling that his work ethic and influence were questionable. I hope I'm dead wrong and I'm not pointing fingers...just sharing a nagging concern of mine that seems to pop up EVERY season. Of course the other prime suspect is always Koivu...I hope both of these trains of thought are 100% wrong as they are both such awesome players when they're on. There have been multiple accusations of cliques within the team and a whole slew of suspects have been dispatched one way or the other...yet the same problems seem to come up EVERY season. Just makes me scratch my head a bit... For the record, I still believe in this team 100% and think this will be a season that will make us forget many recent seasons. If these problems need to raise their ugly head...I'd rather it get sorted out in the first 20 games!!!
  2. Guess so...my cloak of invisibility is working like a charm LOL
  3. Seriously, has nobody else noticed this goal was a foot offside?!?!
  4. ****, Samsonov was offside on the goal!!! Froze it on the PVR and single framed it and he was offside $%%#$%^^&&^&^
  5. European isn't a race :-) It's a continent.
  6. I learned in bantam house league that you couldn't coast for 50 minutes and expect to win games...why can't our loafing millionaires clue in to this fact?!?! Hard work = W Consistently loafing = L
  7. LOL, Everyone still think Georges Laraque is a pussy? I guess he reads this board
  8. How badly did he really lose? Lucic's hand is hurting like a son of a bitch today and the trainer had to clean blood off of Komi's helmet :-)
  9. Not a big listener huh K. Of course we won't win 82 games. Of course we will have ups and downs. At least 3 games in 14 we've looked like a Junior B team that wasn't trying...that kind of attitude is a lot scarier than being 500 but competing every game. And I'm breaking my own rules by bickering when our 9-3-2 loses a game, no matter how badly. See ya all next game...hope Jekyll & Habs are Habs :-)
  10. The point is he can't just ask people to fight, when you're up 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, why would you agree to fight Laraque? He needs to hit, and agitate so these guys have no choice. G.L."Excuse me, would you care to fight?" S.T. "No thanks Georges, we're currently wiping the ice with your team." G.L. "Right you are, frightfully sorry for asking".
  11. Agreed 100%. I think too many of these guys are believing the hype around them that they're so talented. Not any call for panic yet, I'd much rather this happen in the 1st 14 games than the last 14...they have time to work this out but common guys, wake up! I'm hoping he's fighting a nagging injury because if this is the real Laraque why bother.
  12. I agree it's the best team we've seen in decades. But like I said above, it's very worrisome that they can follow up the best game I've seen in years with the worst. The last few years this wouldn't have bothered me as much...but right now with this teams talent, getting blown out 6-1 by a division rival and rolling over and playing dead worries me about the teams character. Too many guys were just going through the motions, does that not worry you at all?
  13. I say that because this is a very young team with around 11 guys under 25...a tougher no nonsense coach who screams at you instead of calling you out in the media might be what a young team would respond better to. Just my 2 cents, but this team is horribly inconsistent...losing 3-2 or 4-2 is one thing, this will be the 3rd time in 14 games they've lost allowing 6 (or more) goals and that's just brutal...especially when they keep giving glimpses of what they are capable of when they're sharp. One or two guys out to lunch is no cause for alarm, 15 or more out to lunch MULTIPLE TIMES points all fingers at the coach.
  14. Ya, we all saw how well that worked with Patrick Roy. I'm having my first serious doubts about Carbo as an NHL coach tonight.
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