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  1. damn it - how hard is it to put a friggin guy in front of the net to screen the goalie ????? Every friggin team in the NHL does it, some how all the habs coaches together can not figure this out - or is it that no one wants to pay the price in front of the net? So frustrating... And screw George Laraque. He is an old has-been fighter that never should have been paid that money - should have known would be bring problem this year when he missed most of training camp. We have to make a decent guy like Kotsopolous take on beasts from the opposition - because no one else will! Shameful, embarrassed that we have such a WIMPY team this year.
  2. And I hate that Boston keeps on winning. It takes shine of habs's victory. Damn that Julien and Charra and Lucic - I am so sick of them already.
  3. did not get chance to watch tonights game, just reading Boxscore. Komisarek was -2 Did he have a particularly bad game?
  4. Do not understand the Chipchura call up. He hasn't played in 3 weeks, should he not get some good conditioning back in Hamilton for couple games before jumping to NHL? Max should definitely be the first to get the call in this situation, although Chipchura is the better player IMO and more deserving - his injury recovery should be in Hamilton first.
  5. They actually might. Factor: 1. The Economic Times 2. Them both aging - how many teams will be rushing to sign 35 year-old free agents ? 3. Teams will not have Cap Space for many $4 million signings. 4. Neither is having a really stellar year this year... Unfortunately.
  6. Habs probably have about $20 million more in cap space from most teams next year, who are in the $40 million range like Boston. Even if Koivu-Kovalev come back - they will not get the same big contracts - because they are getting older - but mainly because other teams have no cap space to offer them anything more. i.e. they come back to Montreal cheaper. Good assessment of next year's list - the fact that there might not be a lot of 'quality' free agents available. If the economy continues badly next year, I can see some teams in the States trying to 'unload' their good players just to stay alive. Again this will be where Montreal will have big advantage - their cap space gives them the space to take on bigger salaries next year vs. most teams. The key may be to find financially struggling small-market NHL teams with some good players they need to unload to survive. So yes - Trades may be the way - I don't care! We just have to get Better Players to be serious about another Cup.
  7. The Bruins (the team I hate most) better hope they go far this year in the playoffs - because I don't see them staying together long. Their Cap is already 12 million higher than Canadiens, (63 millions vs. 51 million) Zdeno Chara $7,500,000 Marc Savard $5,000,000 Patrice Bergeron $4,750,000 Manny Fernandez $4,333,000 Glen Murray $4,150,000 Michael Ryder $4,000,000 Dennis Wideman $3,938,000 Marco Sturm $3,500,000 Tuukka Rask $3,200,000 Aaron Ward $2,500,000 Chuck Kobasew $2,333,000 But thats not their real problem, look at some of the Best Players on their team - and where they are at: Phil Kessel $2,200,000 David Krejci $883,000 Milan Lucic $850,000 Kessel and Krecjci are Restricted Free Agents. Lucic is signed next year - but they will need to renegotiate, no way he plays for that low salary next year. Boston cap hit for next year $43 million Montreal's cap hit for next year is... only $21 million
  8. Agreed - Komisarek is the only absolute Must resign on the list - but am not too worried, Gainey always gets his main guys - plus Mike shows he really likes playing in Montreal. I don't think there will be a team in the league with more Cap space than the Habs next year. With the financial downturn - this will turn out to be a Big Win Win for Montreal. They will be able to smartly shop for some real good Free Agents for Good prices - because other teams will have their Payrolls already tied up - so Gainey and his staff will be able to snoop in and get some real steals !
  9. Also watch out for J.T. Wyman He will challenge for a spot next year, he is playing really good 2-way hockey in Hamilton.
  10. I kind of like this thinking, except I dont think O'Byrne will be back. Gainey for sure will be upping the D next year, so I expect a good FA coming in for that 4th spot.
  11. Tough break for Chipchura - he has really played well. Glad Carbonneau made that statment - that should be reassuring to Kyle. Maybe Maxwell can provide some spark - does anyone know if he was the centre on Diago's line in Hamilton? Well it is a long season, if you have to have injuries, this is not a bad time of year to have them. This gives even more opportunities for other Diagos to step up now to be part of the roster when it counts - next spring.
  12. Brisebois quietly had another solid game, and has played well of late. +2 and he played 17 minutes, more than Markov. Carle has been mentioned, but the guy they really should call up is Shawn Belle. He has been the best Defensman in Hamilton this year, and at 6'1 235 he brings 25 more pounds that Carle. We had such success with Diago, no reason can't go back now for someone like Belle now, who has played great all year there. I hope they even bring up Chipchura for Higgins, if his MRI means he misses a few games. More Bulldogs More!
  13. Lucky to get 1 point - really we hardly deserved that - NJ dominated 3rd period - a disturbing trend of late, not able to play full 60 minutes. What to do about the PP ? Carbonneau has tried pretty much everything, nothing seems to stick.
  14. Interesting point that Dandeneault was not a 6th defenseman couple years ago, an he hasnt improved since - so really he should be a reserve player. Well this is the time of year they should be playing O'Byrne and building him up - if they are not going to - then I most definetly see a trade for a Defenseman coming up. With all the Vets and Free Agents after this year, there has to be a run for Top Defenseman. Earlier I was agreeing we need a 4th defenseman - but if you really look at it... Markov,Komisarek-Hamrik are 2-3-4 defenseman - we really need a #1 defenseman - someone like Charra if we are going to get serious about making a Cup Run. Otherwise, lets stop pretending.
  15. plus Dandy joined the rush nicely a couple times. +2 he was the best D out there in limited minutes (13) hopefully they just leave him on D for a while, hes looked more effective there than as a 4th liner.
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