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  1. i've never been a big fan of manditory minimums, but it almost seems that a player's identity should be taken into account... if dags gets suspended nobody notices... throw a big suspension at joe sakic and word'll get around... completely unfair, but probably very effective
  2. i tried to sleep on that f*ing english quebecer thing... but i'm still pissed... maybe it's cause I don't live there anymore, but that bastard really hit a raw nerve... I'm gonna go write the CBC a letter. It's probably stupid and they probably measure the success of their broadcast by how many letters they get, but I'm really steamed. WTF with Cherry, he's probably just confused with the Wanderers of his youth. Would it be so tough to bring in a Montrealer for counterpoint on the habs vs. leafs game?
  3. did anybody pickup what the hell don cherry was saying about english quebec rooting for the leafs? I hope i misheard... what a jackass
  4. really like the fact that we put up those numbers without souray getting points... team is looking strong
  5. who liked how ABC wouldn't show highlights off the habs game... I guess they didnt want the RDS logo.... Oh to be a habs fan trapped in the U.S.
  6. souray might not be officially named a starter, but look at what happened last year in the NBA allstar game - Yao Ming beat out Shaq for western conference starter (baiscally because the NBA had released the ballot on their Chinese language site) and start he did. For about 20 seconds, after which the west coach subbed in Shaq who played most of the game. Was Yao the starter? not really. It is not unthinkable that while Souray won't stand on the ice for the anthems, he will be there for the better part of the game. Personally, I think that turn of events is much cooler than Souray getting voted in. It's basically the coach's way of saying "All you guys that voted for a 78 year old defenseman don't know what you are talking about. Give me the sniper!" :hlogo:
  7. took a look at the season stats and huzzah! nice to see montreal with a positive goal differential. Same goes for the special teams. Right on. I was at the Boston game a couple of nights ago vs. the Leafs and I really feel that Montreal is playing better than the Bruins. Bodes well for playoff consideration.
  8. OK - I am a displaced Montrealer who currently lives in Massachusetts. I recently came into to tickets to see the Bruins - Leafs game on Thursday. Here is the problem: While I am not crazy about the Bruins, I certainly find them preferrable to the Leafs (obviously). However, the leafs are not really in the habs viewscreen as far as playoffs points are concerned. Boston losing really helps Montreal secure their spot come the postseason. Now for whom do I root when I go to the game (I don't know if I can physically or mentally make myself think a positive thought about the leafs). Boston vs. Toronto should be a good and exciting game, but I need a Thomas a Kempis somewhere out there. :hlogo:
  9. always loved that story. In a normal story of this ilk the kid would realize that the jersey didn't matter and that he was still the same kid and then score the game winning goal or something like that. The truth is revealed in this story - it is never ok to be a leaf!
  10. end of first period - this is one stinky pens team! wow.
  11. so - the laffs are playing the caps in washington tonight... apparently jagr is out with a sore fingernail(? please someone tell me i got that wrong). Anyways, considering that the leafs have been on a roll of late, does anybody think the back to back games with travel will give us any sort of edge on tommorow's game (please)? Also, throwing gratton, ward and dagenais into the mix maybe could allow our boys to knock em around a bit while their still aching? Not that the caps should tire them too much I guess, just looking for a positive scenario. BTW - can anybody see a scenario in which CJ could play audette in lieu of dagenais... i just can't make that work in my mind. :hlogo:
  12. quick note: i might be off on this but i think that the performance on the powerplay jumps the habs from 21st to 11th in the NHL in that stat.... not so bad for a night's work
  13. is theodore out for health or bad play? My announcer doesn't seem to know.
  14. i swear i could kill Rivet tonight... the guy can't clear the puck!
  15. is it really such a great idea to pick up an offensive forward who might very well be past his days of peak performance (for $5mil a year no less)?
  16. As of late Montreal has shown they can get physical when needed (i guess, kinda), so they should be able to exploit the skill divide between them and Nashville. Still I would feel a whole lot better if we had Begin grinding it out in lieu of Juneau or Perreault.
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