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  1. seems like they thought he had offensive upside (he almost certainly doesn't) and tried to play him as a 4th line forward after they made other d-corps pickups. The man is a low-pairing defensive defenseman who is easily worth a $600k cap hit (but perhaps not the $1.2M that he signed with the Panthers for).
  2. Don't call anybody up - make a waiver claim on Koistinen. Aside from the fact that the guy has solid NHL experience, he'd be the cheapest option available to fill a spot.
  3. I sure hope we put a claim in for Koistinen
  4. exactly... the whole point of these contracts is that they only work if the cheap years occur well after the player's peak - otherwise the incentives don't line up right. There is one funny way this could all blow up in players' faces -> as mentioned in the last HW Recap, there is a fundamental value in having a low pay/high cap hit player for teams trying to make the salary floor. All these guys think they are going to get bought out in the final years of their deals and secure new deals that pay their market price (think Savard going out and getting a $2M/yr deal). This might not really happen, though. If Nashville or the Panthers are looking to make the salary floor, you might see them buying up the Savards and the Luongos of the league and these guys are going to muddle through 2 years of playing on the cheap. For the players, it is also a bet against salary inflation (and their own longevity). Maybe in 5 years, Savard will still be getting over 60pts a season... Why in the world would the Bruins buy him out then?
  5. The whole point of the Savard deal was the super long term to lower the cap hit. We'd have to be willing to give Plex at least a 7 or 8 year deal in order to be able to play that same kind of cap game. Savard would not have accepted a 5 year deal a $4.2 mil per. Over 4 or 5 years, Savard would have cost prolly $6.5m
  6. afaik, the only waiver priority rule is that position in the standings controls -> i.e., the lower team gets first pick. Right now Montreal is 20th overall, so they'd have the 11th pick. It's worth a shot, IMO.
  7. Ville Koistinen is available on re-entry waivers today. His cap his is only $500k to the claiming team. I know the habs have a full roster right now - and guys are coming back - but this is too good a deal to pass up. I could envision him as the last D on a healthy habs team with Bergeron playing 4th line forward and Mara in the pressbox.
  8. Ryan White is recalled http://forums.habsworld.net/index.php?show...c=20902&hl= I have no idea if he's playing tonight.
  9. White is back with the team, per Eric Engel's twitter. Does this mean trade or injury? One would think that Mara's injury wouldn't necessitate this move considering Pyatt in the press box.
  10. because the habs won the cup 6 months earlier...
  11. a win is a win.... but it would be great to have a better performance next time.... this kind of play doesn't beat many teams.
  12. can I tie price's stick to his hand?
  13. AK46 looks like a man slowly reawakening from a coma (even his goal was a bit of a whiff). I think in a game or so he'll be fully conscious.
  14. every time I see Gill skate I am newly surprised by how slow he is.
  16. how about a good PP? CMON BOYS to listen to the flyers broadcasters, you'd think the Habs were the gooniest team in the league and the Flyers were a bunch of angels. yeah, but think about the terrible cap hit we'd get with Higgins...
  17. that is just bad... how do you let a too many men happen?
  18. sounds like Mara is going to be out for a while... I guess Bergeron back to the blue line?
  19. even as the team gains cohesion, they look like total strangers on the PP
  20. finally a bit of pressure and Pacioretty continuing his upward progression
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