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  1. Holy.... I haven't posted here in forever, totally forgot my password too for the longest time. Used to be a regular, and remember many of the names I see posting here now. My Guillaume Latendresse signature should prove how old this account is! haha Good to be back...
  2. Higgins (30 goals) - Koivu (70+ points) - Tanguay (70+ points) Kostitsyn (60+ points) - Plekanec - (70 points) Kovalev (30 + goals, 80+ points) The Montreal Canadiens need their top two lines to produce like they are all capable of! (and healthy)
  3. Wow, long time no post.... But all I gotta say is -- pathetic. That is all.
  4. P.S - I can just see it...watching Leafs vs. Habs hockey night in canada...watching the game surrounded by all my leaf- fan friends...Sundin scores for the Habs victory!! Probably won't ever see a bigger look of bitterness around a room in my life...and it will be epic!
  5. Question - Lets say Sundin signs with us, does anyone know what kind of compensation we are talking here for the leafs? I reallyyyy don't want to see any Montreal players in a Leafs uniform... haha
  6. It's the eve of the game but im already nervous. Although i'm very confident that the bounces will even out, IFFFF we lose this game we have dug ourselves into a mighty hole. On the flip side, we keep playing the way we have, bounces go our way and we win this game we have ourselves a series and are back at square one, where we can continue to play like we have all season and beat the shit out of the dirty flyers. GO HABS GO
  7. your right. Gather some speed, and slam your forearms into the back of a players head into the glass cutting his forehead open. It's okay, afterall you didn't mean to hurt him. LOL If Bouillon was some soft player and lay there motionless after the hit it would be much more of an uproar and definitly suspendable.
  8. It all comes down to tonight. Working out all offseason, practicing all year and playing 82 games on top of that. All of that has gotten us in this position we are in right now. one second to early, one second to late, a bad bounce or simply lack of effort can throw all of what we accomplished during the season down the drain. These guys gotta get their act together tonight and play hard and tough because there is absolutely no way the B's should advance in the playoffs instead of Montreal. i was a doubter, but now i believe. GO HABS GO
  9. I'd like to see O'byrne in this game...the others, meh, I saw it coming.
  10. Firstly, I'd like to say holy sh**, welcome back DJ Laszlo. One of the original habsworld posters right here, and not many of us remaining (actively). I found i spend more time reading now adays instead of posting so that could be the same for alot of others. Anyways, back to your post. I'll do this in an hour and post what mine is. It'll probably be insane
  11. Ya your right, Price did give the game away in the third period, but if the Canadiens (defence and forwards) were playing like they should be the rest of the game, Price's little "gaff" shouldn't of been a huge momentum shift and Montreal would've already been up a couple goals...as i said, IF they were playing like they shouldve been.
  12. Good period for the habs, i really think all that booing is getting to chara. Wow what can we say about Price, what a guy, playing exceptionnal. The Kovalev line has picked it up, and have seemed to have found each other a little more that period, hopefully it carries on next period and the rest of the playoffs. GO HABS GO
  13. haha thats a pretty funny video. i wonder how our performance would be if the entire team did that for next year
  14. Godd that was tough. Montreal didn't deserve it, and only decided to play in overtime. I'd like to see Stewart and O'byrne get to play next game, I know they dont have the experience but i guarantee they will boost our lineup
  15. If Toronto comes out with a win against Boston tomorrow night, and they still have that incredibly slim chance of making the playoffs, Montreal would be able to eliminate them on their home ice this Saturday!! How sweet would that be! Payback is a bitch
  16. Another idea - DRESS BEGIN!! Tonight we got roughed up hard, it seemed as if Boston picked up their physicality after Komisarek's presence was no longer on the ice. There were enough shoving matches in front of the net but our small europeans from our top lines just got dummied. Put Kostopoulous and Begin together on the 4th line, and let Grabo sit one maybe.
  17. Kovalev = unreal another satisfying win over the rivals, lets sweep em at home!! nice to hear the habs crowd out in full force in beantown as well.
  18. haha Oh i have her on msn, so it's all good. i'll inform you boys if anything interesting happens lol
  19. I'd just like to say that I've had some time to cool down about what happened (or what didn't happen) yesterday at the deadline. I'm glad Gainey knew to draw the line, and not throw out prospects/good young players left right and centre in desperation to beat the Pens offer just to acquire Hossa who could bolt on July 1st. No way Pittsburgh will have the money to keep him with Crosby Malkin etc. contracts on their hands, so perhaps this offseason us fans can FINALLY see an impact player sign with us in Montreal, but once again don't get your hopes up as history would suggest lol However, that's the offseason - We have the rest of the season and playoffs to think about...I sure as hell hope the standings don't stay as they are because I would not want to play Pittsburgh first round.
  20. Good point. However the fact that we are not going to get anything for Ryder is a bit frustrating.
  21. Gainey's whole goal going into this was to acquire an impact player. He did say if that couldn't be done then they would just stay put. Through all of the interviews it became quite clear that the Habs did not want to subtract from their current roster to acquire an impact player. Result of the day: Huet for a 2nd round draft pick. Not only did we not help our team out at all for the playoffs, we actually HURT our team for the playoffs. How can we put all the weight onto Price and Halak's shoulders? I love them but seriously. We could've at least traded Huet for a little more than a 2nd round choice....HAL GILL fetched more than that, that's a disgrace. Maybe I'm just bitter that we didn't land Hossa and it seemed that we would acquire him FOR SURE based on all of the reports and rumours etc, but right now I am incredibly angry. Stupid Penguins....
  22. Yea, but there are many fans who are extremely high on Grabs, he is asbolutely tearing it up in the AHL. You never know, when he grows up he could be even better than Hossa, or similar. Then again, he could turn out to be a bust...we can't tell the future. some fans wouldnt be willing to give up a prospect with that much possible upside. However, I still do that deal as you would as well.
  23. Wow talk about revisiting an old thread, however I never saw johnny's latest reply so I will fill you in on what happened. Well it wasn't anything exciting, she still had her boyfriend when I went to Quebec City. I still met up with her and some of her friends and brought my friends in that same bar we met last year, however it was alot more painful this time seeing as there was no more flirtation etc. because of her whole boyfriend thing...to say the least it was really painful and I was pretty depressed after that. Anyways hopefully she goes to school in Montreal next year cause that's what I'm planning on doing and maybe she will be broken up with him by that time Seriously, that's wishful thinking though...that guy will hang on to this girl for his LIFE. no exaggeration boys, she was honestly that good looking...and french, which makes it so much more hot on top of that. Still had a great time none the less, you can't go wrong with a trip to Quebec City to hit up the bars and clubs (Dagobert among the favorites!). I didn't have the luck I was hoping for but it was a great trip and i'm sure as hell going back as soon as possible.
  24. Nice. I applied to Concordia, hopefully I'll be in Montreal next year!
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