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  1. Hopefully Kovalev can start over and forget about that disastorous 2 seasons in new york. It is probably because almost every player on that team (which are stars, or at least pretty good players) say "well, the clubs rich, I'm getting my money, and theres plenty of other good players on the team".....which results in poor play etc. He will now come to a team which has a spot in the playoffs, and its an atmosphere where everyone works really hard during the games because theres lots of youth, and he should join in and become his old pittsburgh self, or even better. Thats my take on things, :hlogo:
  2. Also I'd like to say that Danick's job on that game preview(links at the top), was great! very useful information with the habs vs. sharks previous games etc.
  3. Oh ya and if I were to make another deal, I would go for Jeff O'neill. gritty, big sniper. 37 goals last year i think.
  4. This may be a little off-topic, but does anyone know if Kovalev is really intended to be a rental player? I like this guy alot and he's got tremendous skill and as he told the rangers site, that he wanted to just start over with a younger team. I don't want to ONLY have this guy for the remainder of the season+playoffs. so does anyone know how long we are intended to keep him?
  5. ya that guy must feel emmbarassed. Idiot he is, just assuming that they'd get him.
  6. Well we've got kovalev now, who in my opinion is playing better hockey. If I were gainey, and I still wanted to make another trade before the deadline (which i think he does), I wouldn't go for any more rangers. yes they have good players, but any more rangers on the team will transfer the "bug". And you know what that is. :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  7. Oh well. He will get some rest and for the next habs game, he will hopefully come out flying with energy on his debut. I don't think he'd want to come back and play his debut with the habs when not feeling 100%, the rest will do him some good.
  8. mclaren is a stupid idiot. i just want to see somebody lay him out, preferably a habs. I hope kovalev is going to be rested enough for this game.
  9. Great trade. Kovalev is a skilled player, and if he plays with koivu and zednik, it will be deadly. :hlogo:
  10. Ya you are right. but gaineys got a brain above his shoulders. We might freak out about this, but for all we know gainey could be looking for someone more skilled than kozlov himself. just wait a little bit, something SHOULD happen.
  11. It would be a good pickup regardless of whether we like him or not. :ghg:
  12. Hey den, can you post a link for that page?
  13. lol okay you guys proved me wrong. didn't think of it that way whatever though trade dackell and dykhuis :/) :ghg:
  14. Who cares if people hate him....i'm not his biggest fan either....but come on a guy like this can really help out the hockey club. I would gladly welcome him on the habs. the for the best of the team.
  15. I have a feeling that gainey is going to pull something off at, or before the march 9th trade deadline. :ghg:
  16. Don't trade bouillon. He's developing into a really skilled player, and he can really hit for his size. sure, trade komisarek,dykhuis,kilger,dackell. trade bait is what they'll ever be with their lack of play of late. Rivet is a good player, and he's gritty, and can sure fight. same with quintal. I wouldn't really care with what you did with brisbois...trade him or keep him. but im in for trading dykhuis and dackell and komisarek (personally dont think hes going to develope into much).
  17. Great to get that news. With souray back in the lineup, (hopefully bulis too) we will be back on track, even though we have been winning.
  18. If we get this, i will be so happy. Last time they played, devils won. (not sure about the score). koivu will score this game, and so will zednik
  19. Both great players, and ya they diserved that. :ghg:
  20. Ya they were horrible. boring game too. I think they should start fining the refs for making horrible calls since there have been so many lately this year. Its discusting.
  21. every player goes through dry spells. look what we did to czerkawski. traded him away because of 1 bad year, and now hes got 22 goals (or more). if we trade away zednik, the same thing is going to happen. you have to be patient with some players.
  22. Habiman, you are correct and all, but you never know what will happen down the road. I'm not saying, look, lets go out and make a huge blockbuster deal and pick up jagr and leetch. yes, we are playing like a team now, but there are some players who havent gotten a point in god knows how long. so packaging say dackell and somebody else for A player like O'neill, its nothing that big.
  23. Ya i completely agree. O'neill is a great player and all, but i think giving up zednik is a little to much for this hockey club. I say maybe package 2 players and a draft pick for o'neill and hill. but zednik, no thanks.
  24. A D-man or a skilled, big, forward would both be great additions to the team.
  25. I just dont really like the idea of having perrault on a wing. We have a player on the team who has a gift for faceoffs, and yet, we play him on the wing. can somebody explain this?
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