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  1. Maybe because he knew they were not the answer. Huet was ok, but let's be honest he was not going to lead the team to the cup. Theo?!?! Come on do you remember how he played the year after he won the vezina and hart? Theo was done in Montreal, and he has been awful ever since, save one contract year in Colorado. Maybe it's possible Gainey realized the goaltenders we had were not going to get the job done. And before we go throwing Price under the bus here, keep in mind he is 22 years old!
  2. Well at least Kipper said Gomez had him on the breakaway, he just whiffed :puke:
  3. Well really if he doesn't take care of "Mr Gomez" then what are we left with? The same team without Mr Gomez.
  4. Yup, Kipper made the saves he needed to, and Halak did not. End of story
  5. Exactly, what does a 3pt game from each of them do in the next game for their projected point totals?
  6. Kipper played a good game, he made the saves he was supposed to, but he saw every single one of those shots. I cant recall seeing a screened shot out of any of his saves. Halak did well by keeping the Habs within one after the first goal. This team simply cannot score. That's 2 goals in the last 9 periods now. Why not give Sergei a shot on the second line? Max gives his all out there but the fact of the matter is, he is not a top 6 forward. Sergei could be one if he puts it all together.
  7. I don't even know how to respond to this post. To me it seems like you are just trying to get a reaction from the "Price supporters". I mean the usual arguments you see critiquing a goaltender is that he was too deep in his net, or he was down to early, etc. All of which are valid points and can be worked on with his goaltending coach. This takes the cake though, It was just bad luck, nothing more. Price couldn't have gotten out of the way if he wanted to. It was a combination of his momentum from lunging to try and make the initial save and Georges pushing him back into the net. It's not like the puck was sitting on the goal line for a couple of seconds with everyone scrambling to find it. It would be the same as a goal hitting the post then bouncing in off the goalies back. It's a bang bang play. There isn't much you can do about it.
  8. You could use that logic for almost every game that has ever been played. Obviously the loosing goaltender didn't make the saves he needed to, because he lost!
  9. What is this witchcraft you speak of?!?!?! I thought every goal against, loss, penalty, and offside call was supposed to be Prices fault. But seriously this team has a lot more problems besides goaltending to deal with. How about the 2 goals in the last 6 periods? Why is it this team seems to make every goaltender they face seem like the second coming of Jaques Plante? Every other team seems to have figured out Pavelec in Atlanta. Why did he stone us twice? Why can't the forwards force the opposition to take a penalty when we have a little sustained pressure in their zone? There was the game against Calgary where we didn't have a powerplay at all, and besides tonight there have been a few other times this year where we have only had one or two. And why is it our defense can't complete a pass, get a shot through from the point, or tie up a forward in front of the net? I mean other teams have no problem doing it. Can our D really be that much worse than the average team in the league?
  10. Gotta disagree with you guy's. everyone hated the fact that Lucic wouldn't go with Laraque. This is the same thing. If you are going to run around and throw hits, get in peoples faces etc, be man enough to drop the gloves.
  11. Carle was 10x better tonight then he was against Atlanta.
  12. Pyatt and White are both playing tonight. according to HIO. Chips and Stewart are scratches and Price is getting the start.
  13. It seems to me like that is what all of our defense does. Man you really miss Markov out there when it seems like the rest of our D can't do anything right.
  14. In all honesty the goalies were the only reason this game wasn't 10-9, because both teams decided to play a game of pond hockey tonight. Brutal defense on both sides.
  15. Is it really worth it though? Our powerplay hasn't exactly been tearing it up.
  16. I really expected a lot more when we signed Spacec, where is the offense he was supposed to bring?
  17. Why is it that our defense cannot make the simplest of plays????????
  18. We have got to start burying some shot's! Between the first and second periods we have had at least 4 one timers in the slot, probably all within 10 feet of the goalie, and hit the net once. Pavelec is playing well but don't make it easy for him by not even hitting the net.
  19. Well I was really just referring to jackp's quote about sp "They don't care about save percentage" I couldn't really care less who starts as long as the point's go in the bank. But to blame any of this teams losses on the goaltender is wrong.
  20. Honestly I could care less who is in net as long as the Habs win. It's just whenever the team loses with Price in net it's Prices fault. No ifs ands or buts, failure to make the "big save" blah, blah, blah. So far one goalie has had to steal a game this year and it was Price 2 times. But as long as the team wins I don't care if it's Curtis Sanford getting the start. As long as the team wins. There has not been a game all year where you could pin it on the goalie costing the team the game. The Price supporters just get frustrated when guys come on here saying it was Prices fault that the habs lost, and then they start to nitpick Halaks game. Because it's the same thing they see when Price is in from the haters. Both goaltenders have played fine this year, you can't fault either one for any of the teams 7 losses. (but you can thank Carey for the teams first 2 wins ... couldn't resist) lol well whatever, it's still lower than Prices season save %
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