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  1. It's almost like our D is trying to shoot it directly at the pen's from the point, how many shot's have been blocked by a Pittsburgh player other than Fleury without them even trying to get in the way. Little mustard on that glove
  2. WTF is that...the ref shoulda whistled that down when Price lost his mask.
  3. I don't remember Lats being this bad any other year, it seemed like he was ready to break out after how he played in the second half last year. He has been absolutely horrible so far, he may rival BGL for the worst hands on the team.
  4. Meh it's kinda like a game of shinny now, I think he would be pretty loose in this situation. Martin's just gotta make sure the rest of these guys show some pride and show up for the third.
  5. I wasn't blaming Halak. I just figure now is a good a time as any to get Carey some work.
  6. Throw Price in to get him some work....this one is over
  7. Pretty good first period, definitely had the better scoring chances. Sucks that we're down, but it's only one.
  8. Agreed, should have been stopped. Would have been different if he had to move more but he was there....the puck just went through him.
  9. Habsinsideout says Gomez has flu like symptoms. Maybe Metro shouldn't have played the other night...
  10. I think this was the perfect scenario for getting Price back in there against the Islanders, while still getting the win. Halak played well enough to get the win but nothing spectacular. You can bet if it had of been a robbery like the first 2 games against the Leafs and Sabres there would have been huge pressure on Price to not just get the win against the Isles, but play lights out. I just hope the offense sticks around for Pricey like it's been there for the most part for Halak, they've scored 14 goals in the 4 games that Halak has started. And only 12 in the 6 games that Price has been in.
  11. I voted yesterday. The fourth line is so much better With Metropolit. Chips is too slow and easily pushed off the puck. I don't think he's ready for the NHL and it doesn't seem like he ever will be. BGL is slow also but it takes a dump truck to move him when he has the puck down low, I've been pleasantly surprised by his play so far. What's up with metro anyway? Has he began to practice yet?
  12. Well everyone saw that coming Shit here we go
  13. Jason Ward would be insulted Hopefully this PP gives a bit of a cushion. At least they'll have a chance to discuss it between periods.
  14. I'm not sure you can dominate a period much more than the habs's did that period. Suck's it's only 1-1. This team has got to find a way to put the puck in the net.
  15. I heard the same thing. Don't know for sure. The one thing I do know is it was one of the worst most inconsistent officiated games I have ever seen. Between the phantom/non calls on both sides, the puck going out of play before the habs second goal. 7 guys being allowed on the ice at the end wouldn't surprise me.
  16. We do, it just sucks that he's out for at least 4 months.
  17. Is it just me or does it seem like the 3rd line has regressed a bit. They seem lost out there. Really rushing things.
  18. I don't think he is saying Price didn't play well. More along the lines of he needs to stand on his head for this team to have a chance. Because they can't score.
  19. Those were the same types of goals that Colorado scored against the leafs the other night too. One off of Tuckers skate and another off Komi's head.
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