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  1. I hate to blame the ref's because it seems like such a cliche, but how can you not call the penalty on the av's 3rd goal and then call gill for a penalty??? The puck was still in their feet all he did was rub him out along the boards.
  2. 2 of their goals don't even go in off a stick and plex can't put it in an empty net...the gods are not on our side.
  3. I think its time to start double shifting Gionta, or Cammalleri
  4. A pk damn. Kinda forced to take that one though.
  5. Woooo....thank god it wasn't whistled down
  6. Lats had more time he shoulda kept going.
  7. Come on man, it was deflected twice on the first deflection he stuck out his left pad as that's where the shot was going, then it hit a skate skate and went 5 hole. You can hardly blame him for either of those goals.
  8. LOL, yeah Matt that's who i meant. Again it could have been the fact that both teams were kinda tired, or bad ice or whatever, but it was a really sloppy game. Neither team look good.
  9. I will be very disappointed if we do not win this game. I watched Colorado beat the leafs the other night and I was not blown away by anyone on that team, other than Steve Duchesne (that guy is gonna be a star). Neither team could complete a pass even on the powerplay, of course this could be due to the fact that both teams had played the night before. Toronto didn't force anderson to make any big saves, and the only reason the game was not closer is because the leafs can't score and Komisarek has no idea what to do out there. He is definitely hurting that team with the way he is playing right now. (which couldn't make me happier btw).
  10. Excellent point...a couple of years back when everything was great in Habs land, and we thought we had the best group of prospects in the league. Gaineys detractors would suggest this was due to the expert eye of Trevor Timmins, and not because of Bob. However now we realize all these blue chip prospects aren't as good as we thought. The people calling for Gaineys head are bringing up the drafting success or lack thereof (Kostitsyn over Getzlaf...etc) along with some questionable trades, and signings. So I just think its funny that a lot of the people who said bob wasn't responsible for the drafting of our crop of young talent are now citing it as a reason he should be fired.
  11. He is playing better than some of the "Elite" goalies in the world right now. But you would never know it, because in Montreal it only takes one bad game to go from Hero to Goat...
  12. I think so... I wonder if Bob would throw out one of those crazy double digit year contracts that are being tossed around these days? Personally I don't think that's Gainey's style, but you never know...Especially if Price really turns it on this year, being a contact year and all.
  13. Nikolai Khabibulin - .890 Roberto Luongo - .879 Tim Thomas - .868 Marty Turco - .880 Jaroslav Halak - .871 Cristobal Huet - .831 Vesa Toskala - .812 What do these guys have in common? They all have a lower save percentage than Price. All of them except for Luongo and Khabibulin have a worse GAA. And none of them have faced as many shots as Price. And I don't believe any of them have opened with a 5 game road trip either. What does this mean? Doesn't really mean anything because we're only 5 games into the season. Relax guys or least wait till the quarter mark of the season to push the panic button.
  14. Not to nitpick but Souray was offered a contract. Bob offered him Hammer's contract, and one of the reason's Souray rejected the contract was because he didn't like that Bob basically said take it or leave it. I believe he even signed for less in Edmonton.
  15. Terrible. You know Price wanted to have a good game in front of his family and friends, It would have been a nice gesture if the rest of the guys showed up to help him out.
  16. A draw in that fight has to feel like a loss for Gill...I've never seen such a size mismatch.
  17. Tie Domi got 8 games for suckering Ulf Samuelsson back in the day. Granted, he did knock him out cold but you see what I mean.
  18. While I agree in theory, Laraque would probably be looking at a 5-10 game suspension if he just punched him in the face. Although I wouldn't mind if he dropped the gloves and grabbed him, show him up a little.
  19. Well the only problem I have besides the horrible defense, is the amount of shots on Luongo. His confidence is probably at an all time low right now and His toughest save that period was probably Lat's chance, and Lats shot it right at him.
  20. If we could only generate some type of offense. I mean we barely touched the puck the entire period let alone get scoring chances.
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