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  1. thank god So I'm guessing from the "you's" in your post you are not really a habs fan?
  2. I don't understand how Moen got the extra 2 on that. He clearly was pushed and had no opportunity to stop on the play. WTF????
  3. Well the way I see it, we need to play one good period to win the game after taking the first two off. Hopefully it's not a theme this year.
  4. They should take a good run at Timmy...An eye for an eye, or goalie for a goalie in this case.
  5. Oh yeah i didn't notice. I don't think he's been on the ice since the first period. Someone correct me if im wrong.
  6. Thomas is hot early on, giving out a few big rebounds though.
  7. Gionta misses the open net at the end. It's only pre season, but nice win none the less. Ottawa had a pretty stacked team against Plex Gionta, and the Hamilton bulldogs.
  8. He played 71 games for the pens last year and fought 13 times. for an average of a fight every 5.4 games. He was injured for most of this year and still had 9 fights in 33 games for an average of a fight every 3.6 games. The most fights he ever had in one year was 18 and he played 82 games (4.5 games/fight) This year was one of his most active fighting years on average of his career.
  9. Yeah it's just they don't have to speak to 50 reporters after the game and hear about it for the next week after on the radio and tv and in the newspapers. Not to mention anybody they walk by on the street. Rivet said it when he went to SJ, there was one reporter after the game in the dressing room.
  10. Immature maybe, but not disrespectful. Price was being disrespected, he's just letting the fans know he appreciates the support.
  11. I would just like to see our guys get one of the chances that the Bruins had on every one of their goals tonight. Just one. Haven't seen a chance like that the entire series. Yeah defense doesn't play a huge part in sv% at all.
  12. Ryder was given every chance to succeed last year. He had 14 goals last year, do you think the habs should have given him 4.5 million for 14 goals? If that's the case, we're gonna be in big trouble in the off season because we have more than a few 14 or so goal scorers this year.
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