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  1. Dagggooo. First shot of the period.
  2. Jesus maybe Spacek shoulda took the night off.
  3. Not a bad First period all things considered. It seems like it took the Habs half the period before they got a handle on the Pens speed.
  4. No sense rushing Subban let him get a full AHL season in. It will be Carle or Belle, most likely Carle though.
  5. We could be in trouble against the Pens anyway, regardless of powerplays.
  6. +1 No matter how well Price may play, there should be no harm in throwing Halak in every 4 or 5 games to keep them both sharp.
  7. I wonder who the next callup will be. If they're injured long term (i.e. until Thursday lol) I'm guessing Carle.
  8. Lol I love listening to the guys on L'antichambre
  9. I watched RDS, I can't take the sportsnet guys. Games in hand are only good if you win em.
  10. Great game by Halak, nice to see him come back strong after his last start.
  11. Plex 3 points tonight Lol Gomez, almost missed it.
  12. Too many men to the Sens. There is a god.
  13. All 7 penalties have been after the first as well. The penalty killers must be tired....especially in back to back games.
  14. Patches is back...and another penalty
  15. I think My heart just skipped a couple of beats
  16. Jesus Christ please make it stop.
  17. "knock on wood" The PK has been great the last few games.
  18. Sigh...why do they take so many penalties?
  19. Lines at Practice were: Cammalleri - Plekanec - A Kostitsyn Pyatt - Gomez - D'Agostini Pacioretty - Metropolit - Moen Bergeron - Pouliot - Lapierre - Laraque I don't know what we should expect from Pouliot getting about 7 minutes/game on the fourth line. The only way I can see him getting top 6 minutes is if he is moved to the wing, but I think I read somewhere that he wants to play centre. And one of the reasons he had a hard time adjusting in Minnesota was because they used him almost exclusively as a winger.
  20. I don't blame Mara. It was a BS call to begin with. The refs were looking to make up for the 5-3.
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