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  1. Obviously if Halak was in we would be watching the boys win it in a shootout right now.
  2. How many bag skates can he have this year? Seems like it's been one a week or close to it, since the season started. Sooner or later the players have got to get it. Don't they???? This is embarrassing. They can't even dump it in correctly.
  3. One of the worst I can remember. No chances at all except for the one Metro had where he couldn't get a stick on the puck with an empty net.
  4. Well the only positive I can come up with is, it's only 1-0 even being outshot 42-10. One good period could win this game.
  5. Why is Gionta out anyway? Has anyone heard?
  6. Shots 24-4. I think I'm gonna :puke: And we cant even blame it on a few Nashville powerplays
  7. Yeah Lats is a healthy scratch tonight. Maybe this is the kick in the pants he needs to get it going.
  8. Official 3 stars: 1. PHX L 12 P.BISSONNETTE 2. MTL C 14 T.PLEKANEC 3. PHX D 21 S.HESHKA
  9. How many peoples heart skipped a beat when the puck was bouncing around the crease there.
  10. Lets just hope they play the rest of the game 5 on 5. The pk has been good but I wouldn't want to give them another shot
  11. The refs probably just thought Georges did it again...
  12. That was my point actually. If the same thing happened to Brunet he would have been out a month.
  13. Lol yeah Brunet wondered why Price didn't stay with the play. How many sticks to the throat/face did he shake off during his playing time while sticking with the play?
  14. There is no doubt in my mind that a few people will go to that when discussing Price's play before the night is over.
  15. I want to say Gionta. But part of me thinks management might want to avoid another Koivu vs the French media scenario, whereas you may see Max end up with the C.
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