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  1. I wonder what the excuses are tonite. Waiting for Patch....
  2. This team slowly fading into the abyss... Absolutely everyone has an excuse especially Patch... his comments are starting to become old.
  3. Let's just hope they don't lose 4-0 and price pulled for whatever reason, then we should expect a press conference on Monday.
  4. tune to TVA i guess and mute volume
  5. OK let's blow it up in the summer This season is in the https://www.flickr.com/photos/63269976@N00/shares/79o95s
  6. Nice run and it looks like they will stay in Tampa for a few rounds of golf.... and Therrien is full of it with his confidence speeches
  7. The savior (price that is) looked hurt after that save yesterday as he was favoring his left leg Any news?
  8. The chances of Vanek signing here are nearing NIL from day to day.
  9. Bouddy in for Price ... P.S Price got injured during Olympics but did not tell anyone , he officializes it during one shot practice ...wonderful
  10. OK so it's the second striaght awful officiating game with habs ? with a 2 loses to boot. I smell a pattern moving forward. I understand they are human but they do their best to be the worst.
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