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  1. Wait what? I need to change avatar then. Not sure how to feel about this, I like Drouin but... OH GOD
  2. That feeling when you are not Canadian, never been there, doesn't speak French but sings Canadian anthem in French with Madame Ginette Reno. Best feeling my friends. ♥
  3. The most Carey Price thing you will ever see What The Heck
  4. Shaw crashed so hard into the boards that I was wondering if he is alive. Pretty good game for him. I'm so happy, so goddammmmmmmnnnnnn happy! Thank you goalie Carey Price
  5. I'm going to shot myself jesusfufusuufuasfhdsuhfadsuifhadsifhado
  6. Ovechkin should retire. His knees are weak. Thiz refs THIS FUKIN REFS T H I S F U K I N R EF S W H E R E S P E N A L T Y
  7. Remember when Price was grabbed to Laval and goal counted? I remember damn yo. Good call but hurts like hell.
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