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  1. We're working hard but we are not as good at playing hockey
  2. Yupper. Might be tough playing in front of a large hostile crowd. So interested to see the second.
  3. I did answer. You don't get it. Let's get back to the game.
  4. I've explained it. Its not a national event. More Canadians on the Lightning.
  5. Its manipulative and tribal with no rational basis. Its not an international or national event. Its disrespectful. Cheers
  6. Anthems at professional sporting events are BS. Olympics OK. Demotivating frippery.
  7. Our free will shows we can't be just physical so I'll bet you're right and he joined the Ghosts' chorus. Sure came up big when we sure needed it. God bless you all.
  8. 3-1 is MUCH better than 3-0. They did it. Carrie , Josh and the Ghosts did it.
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