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  1. Look at the bright side. We could have won the second game and we're in the NHL Final. And we've made it to game 4 !!!!! 😛
  2. The guys are giving what they've got out there; every shift. Its just the cracks showing when playing a really good team. We needed Price to be Superman again. He's been Superman plenty this year.
  3. After the first two the third will have to be pretty special to catch my attention
  4. Maybe the problem is that TB has more Quebec players than Mtl! The ghosts are trying to be fair... the kids or the business..hmmm
  5. I really thought we'd be a lot better this game. TB is a lot better than us.
  6. I don't think I've ever seem a game where the visitor scores two before the 4 minute mark in two periods.
  7. I tried desserts too. No sale. They usually just told me to wipe all that sticky gooey crap off and put some clothes on or they'd call the police.
  8. I had an LHPMD. Constant carburetor problems. Traded for an off red SKODA. Way off. But it was a chick magnet. Attracted girls to other guys with better cars like crazy. I wrote about it in my new book, a worst seller. "The Dating Desert". Ahh...memories..
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