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  1. Anyone heading out to this?
  2. vs Caps and Wings get three points out of four very good
  3. IMO CJAD has one of the worse announcing teams I've ever heard. A French hockey vocabulary of ~200 words and you can do CKAC much better ...
  4. now this is more like what i'm accustomed to grrr
  5. 3-1 this is super, the guys responded!
  6. Habs playing well, 2-1 where is everyone?
  7. Likely, or they may figure 'let's go for it' and surprise everyone, even themselves? (wishful thinking yeah but wth )
  8. VS 7:00 PM ET, November 20, 2009 Verizon Center, Washington, DC MTL: 10-11-0 (24th) - WAS: 13-4-4 (2nd)
  9. there should be fighting in chess ... oh wait there is! http://wcbo.org/content/index_en.html
  10. i know he's from montreal, still lotsa anglos never learn french well enough to do in interview of that sort, which was above the typical sound byte 20 sec comments format.
  11. I hope the clear it up before the Mercier Bridge falls into the Saint Lawrence!
  12. damn not middle of the pack again, only with no promise of greatness... we need a 5-month plan
  13. yeah if a leaf sucker punches a hab that means the leafs get a power play...
  14. He also decked a leaf during his goal celebration Gill!!! 3-1
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