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  1. are you talkin' Dagenais slow?
  2. two wins five losses no alarm bells yet but are we really anything better than a middle of the pack club, at best? sheesh i invested five seasons of faith and patience for this?
  3. Do we still have our 1st rounder?
  4. Maybe so but he was a first-round pick and has some good experience and his +19 was second-best on the Dogs' D last season -- glad to see him get a chance he may surprise us, we could use a pleasant surprise no?
  5. i have always had a good feeling about Belle, we'll see. Remember he was part of that tremendous Canadian World Junior team?
  6. Happy to hear this http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=501939 (and Weber sent down)
  7. true, no fear, Price will get the stuff just about the time he becomes eligible for free agency and bolts to the leaf. oops showing my pessimism again . .. .. . . But seriously, as he came up so early and this is his third season in the nhl, Price could become a UFA in just four years no?
  8. Gainey gave us a dream, now we just have a team. Some fans feel ripped off waiting five years. He'll go but not now, end of the season, that is, unless we get deep in the playoffs which i hope we do!
  9. any online options PIM me please, does NHL.com have some sort of preview?
  10. Might as well centralize this. Markov left in the 3rd after awkward goalmouth tumble, could not skate/walk. Reports of possible twisted knee or cut in foot/ankle area from Price's errant skate. Nothing official so far it seems.
  11. someone posted above it's a cut not major, but i'd like some more assuranc. CJAD just said "lower body injury" and "we'll know more tomorrow" dunno . ..
  12. From Atwater, down Ste Catherine, south to the Bell Centre then along Rene Levesque to St Laurent, up to Jean Talon, over to St Denis then south to Hotel de Ville. How's that?
  13. c'mon guys score another before the refs can work a 5 on 3 hehehe this is where we can change the momentum
  14. 10 minute test of habs' character now
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