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  1. he got me 4 wins last week + a SO,,,
  2. damn... we will win this game.... I havent shanged my lines in the fantasy league... theo is on the bench...
  3. what happened? Was it a goal or not? did the refs suck donkeydick as earlier seasons?
  4. Lets hope for a PP goal now... Just to break the ice on this teams powerplay lately
  5. 1-0 habs... YESSSSSSSS my prediction went wrong... Im so happy :ghg:
  6. they were dangerous at the end of the period and now the hit the post... Now I begin to think we will win :ghg:
  7. I guess its just been some of the games I have followed this season...
  8. I predict a typhical loss for us... we will outplay them the whole game but they will win 2-0
  9. Its not impossible to reach the finals... I wont give up until the other team beats us out and I hope the Habs thinks the same way. Theo can take us all the way to the cup if he starts playing like 2002 and add a better team offensively and defensively now than in 2002. Sure... we are ousiders but still I dont think its impossible. :ghg:
  10. Ryder with an assist... great... and markov with one as well... YESSS
  12. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing
  13. I want a goal now... Even if its the canes. Id rather have the canes ahead 1-0 now than when its less than one minute left of the game.
  14. I dont know if I like that deal....
  15. anyone more here who listens to cjad?
  16. I think we will ride the win over the sens and beat the bruins. HABS: 7 Bruins: 2 Everything will go in in the first 30 minutes. After period 2 we will have a 5-1 lead. :ghg:
  17. This is one of those games that we dont HAVE to win and every point from this game is a bonus. BUT... I think we'll win tonight becaus Its time for it. Prediction HABS: 6 Sens: 4 :ghg:
  18. If his salary was lower maybe... but now? noway
  19. Is he of any interest for us? Has a hell of a paycheck though.
  20. So you rather win the world championship in hockey with habs players in that team than that the habs having a great playoffs? btw. I dont really like team sweden so I didnt care much...
  21. ###### the canadian national team... I want the habs in the playoffs til june damnit :ghg:
  22. Prediction time... I really think this will end in a loss. No markov and no souray = not good HABS : 3 Leafs: 4 (they score the gamewinner in the last 2 minutes like allways) I hope I am wrong :ghg:
  23. I still dont think the sens will win the cup. I think they need a Canadian player with leadership. Europeans wont play much harder in the playoffs than in the regular season while Northamerican players have showed on and on that most of them raise their game a level coming into the playoffs. I think Toronto might win this year caus they have all they need.
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