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  1. heh... this is scary... Hejduk - Forsberg - Tanguey Kariya - Sakic - Selänne now they only need a good goalie... Hasek signs with Detroit... trades Joseph to Colorado... Colorado wins the cup. oooh forgot... they need 1 or 2 Dmen as well... skrastings isnt exactly replacing De Vries and Marchment.
  2. but still I would love to have Fedorov on the team. He is both good offensive and defensive and speedy. To bad he is so expensive.
  3. He will play in Hammarby (lower division) next season. I dont think well see him in a few years since he didnt fit in a swedish elite team.
  4. mmmkey... I like the person before me want to say that the competition was nhl lvl... BUT it was on big ice with european rules as well... its a different game...
  5. Im a swede... that guy from japan is a canadian originally I think.
  6. I want real goalhorns and songs.. cant be too hard to get the real habs goalsong from the team can it? And then I want more serious checkings like in nhl2k3.. not allways crosschecking to the head.
  7. I love Nhl2k3.. its like much more realistic. If Sega works on this one a bit more they will have the best hockeygame ever (since i happen to love almost every hockeygame I play accept those rock the rink kind of games I want to know what u think of nhl2k3)
  8. nice new forum. finally no more shitty espn commercials and trolls
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