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  1. Best case scenario: he gets a free buyout from the next lockout Average case scenario: he does one of those swaps where he gets a player that costs more per year but has a shorter contract, like for example Andy Greene. Worst case scenario: He trades him for Brent Seabrook
  2. The rumour is that Juolevi, a Canucks prospect, was a gaming addict. Banning gaming in the locker is expected to be a message to him and future Canucks players. But again, if for some crazy reason the Canucks got Sidney Crosby, is Bo freaking Horvat gonna tell him to stop playing SoCom? All to keep up some chest beating locker rule? I get your view on this, I honestly do. But if a player is a gaming addict, you get him help. You don't give him a reason to hide his problem from you. If a player is a drunk you don't ban drinking. You get that player help. Treating videogames like some locker room no no will just amplify the problem.
  3. They already claimed it wasn't a problem in their locker room but they wanted to make a stand.
  4. Playing cards leads to gambling. There have been several players and management who have had gambling addictions, including Jagr. There is also alcohol addiction, pain medication addiction, and sex addiction, all of which people say are wrong but little is ever done to curb it. All of the recent player suicides and overdoses where players were hooked on pain medication were pretty much ignored or supported by the medical staff of the NHL clubs. That actually kills people. Videogame addiction is barely a problem compared. Laine was right in saying this is just making excuses for the Canucks sucking last season. Create a scapegoat and claim you're doing something to fix it. They probably learned that from Marc Bergevin, though he'd never ban videogames with all of those trades he does on his Playstation. That's the claim, which even if true, it's stupid. It's a bunch of guys thinking they are being old school.
  5. You touched on the hypocrisy of it. People are fine if our athletes are out having sex and drinking because it's their business. But play some videogames late and it's wrong and has to be stopped. It's forgotten now but Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury are big gamers, particualrly SoCom, and have been playing it throughout all the Cups and awards Crosby has racked up. Hasn't been a single issue for them. But Fortnite becomes popular and a couple prospects go overboard on late nights playing it and it becomes a story to the point where the Vancouver Canucks are banning videogames. I'm glad Laine slapped them for that. I'll just end with this. If you're gonna ban videogames? Ban cards. No card playing for anyone, including management. You make that the ultimatum? That game ban dies fast coming from the GM. The old codgers can't survive the road without cards. Which is a GAME.
  6. You just know the locker will be lazy and call him Koates. If I had a vote it'd be Koko Pops.
  7. They've been slipping lately. They were wrong on Tatar having no NTC when he said he waived to goto Montreal. I won't hold it against them, they do good work and I'm worried that if the people who run it get scooped up like almost every other site like it, we'll be back to using NHLnumbers.
  8. I've had to repeat it before but Tampa originally structured their expansion draft around keeping Drouin. They didn't want to trade him. They didn't know what depth they had at the wing position and how much losing him would hurt. Montreal made the offer, and had been trying to get him for a while, and Yzerman wasn't convinced on Sergachev and was worried he'd be waiting for years for him to be ready. That's why he asked for a 2nd round pick if he didn't play the next season for 40 games. So what might have looked obvious to us wasn't to them.
  9. True. So with Nylander it's a very strong top six and dog crap under it.
  10. Centre depth is fine and will be fine for years. Just interesting that they lose Nylander and only have two top six calibre wingers for the lineup. That's a gamble. Same with Ron Hainsey on the top defensive pairing. Woof.
  11. Like I would say they probably have the best centre depth in the league. And Andersen is a good goalie. But when you look at their wingers it's bad. I know Nylander is out due to contract talks but without him their only legit wingers are Marleau and Brown. That's rough. Like, Tyler Ennis with Matthews should never ever happen.
  12. I didn't realize how weak their wing and defensive depth was. It's so bad.
  13. Bitten is no guarantee. I just personally really liked him and was rooting for him. Olofsson may have needed a new environment to get to the next step. Could end up a big win by filling a positional need and our scouting of Minnesota has been very good. Or Bitten breaks out with the Wild. Or we forget the trade by next year.
  14. Not happy with this. Really liked Bitten. Thought he could have been our next Byron. Olofsson... I know he has shoulder issues. Maybe someone knows better.
  15. 2018-19 Montreal Canadiens Opening Day Roster: Forwards Joel Armia Paul Byron Phillip Danault Max Domi Jonathan Drouin Brendan Gallagher Charles Hudon Jesperi Kotkaniemi Artturi Lehkonen Matthew Peca Tomas Plekanec Nikita Scherbak Andrew Shaw Tomas Tatar Defencemen Karl Alzner Jordie Benn Noah Juulsen Victor Mete Xavier Ouellet Jeff Petry Mike Reilly Goaltenders Antti Niemi Carey Price
  16. I was never that impressed with Scherbak, but he will always be at a disadvantage with Julien as his coach.
  17. No. He's done in the league as a centre and has been for years. The question is more if he can survive as a wing. And on a different team and a better shooting percentage probably. My suggestion of Shaw is we got a guy who is basically damaged goods with four more seasons at $3.9M. He's a constant liability. If he isn't injured he's getting into penalty trouble or taking up space on the powerplay of a more skilled player (Julien has been working him on the PP2 in practice while he heals) and again he's under contract for FOUR MORE SEASONS so if we could flip him for a dump like Sam Gagner, who is only two years at $3.1M and an actually good PP player and a right handed shot, we can pump his tires up to a contending team, trade him at the deadline for a strong draft pick while taking some salary back and have a lot more cap clear in the future. I would much rather run PP1: Tatar - Danault - Gallagher PP2: Domi - Drouin - Gagner Than what we will soon see, which is Shaw once again on the PP: the only place he can justify his contract by even a little bit.
  18. Good god he's worse than I thought. Also Maria Thayer in that Nick Lowe video is on a show called Those Who Can't and it is really good if people want a solid comedy about high school teachers without a laugh track. That and Wrecked are the best shows on TV nobody talks about.
  19. Yeah I wouldn't want him for free though. He makes $3M. Which is why I would flip him for Shaw. Gagner has the shorter deal.
  20. Gagner has been exclusively a wing for a couple seasons now. I would flip Shaw for him. About it.
  21. Gallagher will basically be playing captain when the season starts so we can see just how effective he would be in the role.
  22. Columbus should pick him up, play him for 10 games with Torts, then deal him elsewhere and whomever gets him will get an energized and rejuvenated Weise.
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