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  1. Why is everyone saying 4th liner? Weise has 12 pts so far this season which is more than Prust, Moen and Bourque and Weise has averaged considerably less TOI then the other 3 habs. If people start saying 3rd liner then it starts to sound a lot better, and Prust, Moen and Bourque have all had 3rd line duty this year and people love to talk about how Prust can play just about anywhere in the lineup. The more I ve thought about it throughout the day I am happy about the trade. Diaz was not even playing and no one was calling for his insertion into the lineup. Having a strong bottom 6 can go a long way to helping any team. The way I see it we just got another Prust, and Prust needed some help. Furthermore I cant imagine that MB is done dealing. We re going to need that extra forward if say Bourque and whoever else are packaged up in another deal. That was a water bottle malfunction and he handled it like a champ!
  2. Checking out Canuck forums some people were sad to see him go because he is a true heart and soul guy others were happy an cited poor defensive plays in his own end.
  3. He plays with two of our best forwards but I can not see any team having playoff success with him at center. He is not good enough to be a top 2 C, imho he is too dependent on his wingers and his lack of size makes his a defensive liability. Although there may not be a better option at the moment, I think it will be tough for this team to make it the next level while he is still at C. Possibly the plan is to wait till Galchenyuk is ready to play C and then move DD to the wing?
  4. Interesting trade, on one hand I feel that vancouver got the better player, or at least the one with more upside. At his best Diaz can be a good offensive D man on a second PP wave, at his worst he is soft and somewhat suspect defensively, not the defence man you want in the playoffs. Furthermore he is UFA at seasons end and despite his short comings he will be in for a raise this off season. Although im not very familiar with Weise, from the looks of it he seams very much to be the same type of player as a Brandon Prust. This is definitely an upgrade on our bottom 6. This will make us harder to play against, especially vs the St.Louis and LA type teams. Also Weise seems to be someone you want during the playoffs plus he is RFA at seasons end so we control his fate. The biggest issue imho that this team still faces is the need to dump one or more of DD, Bourque and Briere because none can consistently fill a top 6 OR a bottom 6 role. Bottom line, if Weise end up being another prust do you still think we lost the trade?
  5. Defensive breakdown at the end. Montreal had their chances in OT but couldent finish, not much help help from the zebras either
  6. MTLs PP is so obvious and forced! I wish they would try the setup TB used with Markov at the top Patch and Subban on the side boards shooting with two guys in front
  7. TB has been trying alot of stretch passes so the boys should be aware if the man come out of the box
  8. Beaulieu is having another good game, I can see him replacing Markov in the not too distant future.
  9. the Briere signing is starting to pay off!
  10. that last PP was terrible. We have no secondary offence after the DD PAC Gally line. Eller is not giving us much
  11. The win against Boston was the first time Montreal has won 2 in a row in regulation since Decenber 5th and 7 wins which both came against Buffalo.
  12. the habs forwards seem to have a tough time getting pucks out on the boards, not the first game ive noticed this.
  13. I hope montreal continues with the 2 man forcheck in the third. I think rask being pulled was more of julien trying to send a message to his team as opposed to a comment on rasks goaltending.
  14. All the boston commentators were calling the marchand penalty garbage saying thats what you get when you go fishing in the goalies equipment. Glad we made them pay on the PP but i really hope someone drops the gloves with marchand I just think he might be too much of a pussy though.
  15. I would do bourque for mcginn in heartbeat.
  16. Im saying that Id rather have Galchenyuk than McDonagh
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