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  1. My point is that imho I think we are better off today because of the McDonagh trade.
  2. People love to bring up the donation of mcdonagh to the rangers as one of the biggest mistakes this organization has made in the last decade and to be fair it was, but.. if we had not traded him there is a significant chance our 2011-12 season would not have been as bad as it was and we never would have had the opportunity to take Galchenyuk at #3. So hypothetically if it were possible, would anyone trade Galchenyuk for McDonagh and 2012 1st round pick between 12-24? Bear in mind the reliability of the draft outside the top 5 or top 10.
  3. I know it is 2 roster player but they would be getting 2 roster players in return. Markov takes Muzzin s spot and Bourque takes Kings. Markov is definitely an offensive upgrade on Muzzin and could really help out they re horrible PP which could really help them in the playoffs. Bourque has shown better offence than King in the past and is a big body about the same size as King. It might be asking a bit much from LA but id would offer the same trade minus King and Bourque and our 4th rounder. Some other team desperate to do something for a little size and offence will definitely give us a pick or two for Bourque.
  4. Andrei Markov (to help the kings 28th ranked pp) Rene Borque Our 2014 4th and 5th rounders for Dwight King (RFA summer 2014) Jake Muzzin (RFA summer 2015) LA s 2014 1st round pick Help LA out on the powerplay, we get some some well needed size and physicality. Thoughts?
  5. For Dillon I would hapilly give Diaz a 2nd a 3rd as well as a prospect or DD whichever they prefer. Also, if I was going to trade one of either Patches or Georges its got to be Georges. Patches contract is simply to good not to keep and players like him are infinitely harder to acquire than players like Georges
  6. After player only meetings teams usually come out with a pretty strong effort. Key word usually...
  7. I think its pretty simple, If you can sign him to a reasonable deal of no more than 2 years prior to the trade deadline then you keep him. If not you have to at least consider offers for him. Some GMs can get pretty crazy around deadline time, ie. 2 2nd rounders for Murray. Markov would probably net you a sweet prospect that could step in next year or a good prospect and a first (18-30 range) or a 1st and 2 2nds. It is always hard to trade someone who has been the teams best player for a number of years and is a lifer and if he is traded i will definitely be sad to see him go. However we dont want to make the same mistake Calgary made, imagine where they could be now if they had traded Iggy 2 years before they did.
  8. Markov is not the number 1 or 2 D that he used to be but he is still a power play specialist and a leader. With the cap going up we also have reasses what players are worth. I would not mind in the least giving him 4.5 a season for the next 2 years. If he were to go to the highest bidder as a UFA he would get 2 years probably closer to 6 mil per
  9. Emelin and Murray are tied for worst on the team at -13. Murray clearly can not play. Tinordi should take his spot as he was even in his 6 games played thus far this season averaging 12:27 per game (only one minute less than murray). With us clearly not being ready to contend why not give the young guys who are the future of this team some seasoning in the pros? seams the the easiest and fasted way to improve this team for the present and more importantly the future. Emelin s play on the other hand is hopefully just a result of the time he has missed. Coming back from that type of injury can be difficult and it take time to get your game back to where it was. With Tinordi and Beaulieu both in the lineup Bouillion would be the spare (-9 on the season), the pairings could look something like this Markov Subban Beaulieu Georges Emelin Tinordi Despite all the flak that Georges has been getting lately, and although from what Ive seen he not definetly not a top 3 or 4 on a contender he is second on the team in +/- at a +5, just behind Pleck
  10. Interesting stat that suggests that this is more than a slump; the habs are 26th in the league in terms of 5 on 5 goals for to against at 0.79 goals scored for every one they give up. So if the power play isnt at least above average were screwed. The 4 teams below us are Nashville, Edmonton, Calgary and Buffalo.
  11. The caps might be the only team in the league playing worse than us. Caps have lost 5 in a row and are 2-6-2 in their last 10. The good news is that one of these teams are going to end their loosing streak tonight!
  12. With all the talk of getting rid of Markov, there is no way I would trade Beaulieu. I think he is going to be a very valuable player for us. Bear in mind he only has 14 total NHL games under his belt so far and he just turned 21 less than two months ago. Not saying he is going to be Duncan Keith but Keith didnt break into the NHL till he was 22 and that season he had 21 points in 81 games and was a -11 so give Beaulieu some time before we rush to trade him.
  13. He isnt a top 9 on a contender because he sure isnt a top 6 and he sure as hell can fill a third line role which is very important
  14. For sure, if we want any chance of winning we need to score the next goal.
  15. I hope you re right about Eller. Before this season started I thought he would probably be in the 50 point range by the end of the season. He is pointless in his last 8 and has 20 through 50 games but hopefully he finishes strong. 20 points in his next 30 games would be awesome!
  16. I know we ve drafted some good Americans lately such a mcdonough, patches and chucky but I would much rather see us draft someone who s been playing in the CHL. I think the CHL best prepares players to become nhl pros.
  17. The Wings have a lot of injuries. I think the game tonight will really show the true character of this team and possibly the locker rooms feelings towards their coach.
  18. Totally agree with this. Also I would love to see patches centered by pleck, but obviously MT will never do that because that would just decrease DD s impact / value even further. Not that I dont have faith in Chucky but if for whatever reason he doesent become the player we all beleive and hope he will be (perennial all-star center averaging 1 + ppg) then we will be really screwed. This teams ability to be a contender in the future relies heavily on his development.
  19. From the sounds of it he is probably going to be gone by then, maybe even late in the top 10
  20. Hopefully the start of contract negotiations but you think they would schedule that at a time that did not interfere with practice.
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