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  1. That may send the message to the team that the coach has already thrown in the towel before the game even starts. I think you have to play your best goalie against the best teams and at least with price in the net there is a better chance for a stolen point or two.
  2. Good news is that we normally put forth a pretty good effort against the better teams in the league and were definitely going to need it against the pens. Not so good news is that the habs havent won in regulation since January 6th and we have the redwings on friday who despite not being as good as recent years past are still a tough opponent. Is this a benching or are they injured?
  3. I hope PK scores a go ahead goal in the third and goes nutz again. Shame on TSN for trying to make a controversy out of nothing just because its PK.
  4. Im looking forward to seeing Beaulieu play, I know there was a lot of hype when he was drafted. With boullion, murray, markov and diaz all UFA at seasons end its unlikely that all 4 are coming back so one of those spots might be his next season. Im also glad bourque is sitting, got to have accountability.
  5. I wouldn't want anyone on my team with the attitude problems that AK46 seems to have.
  6. I'd like to see him tried on the wing too, since i don't think it's possible for any team to win the Stanley cup with DD playing center on their team.
  7. I would love to see both compliance buyouts used on DD and Briere this coming off season, in the mean time send DD down to Hamilton, he's taking up valuable ice time that could be given to someone not named DD (namely Eller). Also, even though Prust is playing with White and Moen, Therrien has to find a way to get him on the ice for more than 6:56.
  8. Going to the game tonight as long as the guy on CL is legit when I meet him. If it all goes to plan ill be in section 304. Hopefully the team picks up the 2 points in more convincing fashion then they did last night.
  9. It all depends on how much ice time he is going to get on a consistent basis. If its going to be under 10 minutes a game then he is likely better served playing in hamilton.
  10. The kings killed us, and showed us how its done with playoff style hockey. At the same time though we didnt really get any bounces, (not that we should count on them) the first easily could have finished 1-1 Looked like the guys were expecting it to come a little easier given their hot streak of late. Im sure if we played the Kings again on Saturday we would put forth a much better effort. On a positive note we got a good lesson on where we need to get to.
  11. Team high 24:28 toi for Markov, I know hes good but Therrien should be playing for the long run. only 6:29 for Briere and 8:18 for Eller, didnt see the whole game, wonder what the reason is?
  12. Markovs knee does not look 100%. I know he is a warrior and super competitive, I hope he is not in denial.
  13. Im supprised markov is still in the game! even if there is no injury, and damage however minor would make him more vulnerable. At this point in the season I d take him out of the game at least to check out the knee properly.
  14. After seeing it again, does kind of look neal stuck out his knee a bit on marchant or is it just me?
  15. I dont doubt that the suspension could be in the same ballpark as bertuzzi but that may be more as a result of the current crackdown by the NHL on violent plays. As bad as it was, i personally dont see it as being as bad as bertuzzi on moore.
  16. 2 great passes from prust on that shift! glad he got rewarded
  17. Against the leafs I'd definitely have Murray in over Boullion. Not necessarily for him to drop the gloves but just someone who can be strong and physical in front of the net and make sure we don't get pushed around in the scrums.
  18. PK does have a BOMB and I love seeing him use it but id like to see the habs mix it up some times and set up patches for the onetime like the lightning do with stammer
  19. Gaborik as a playoff rental, no thanks.
  20. I wouldn't mind seeing Diaz moved and I think he is a player who would have some value to teams who are looking for another puck mover or help on the PP, at his best I could see him becoming similar in value to a Mark Streit. Even if were are comfortably in a playoff position come the deadline I don't think Diaz's brand of hockey is what will help us go deep. Dallas is a team that needs offence from the back end and has a power play that is 29th in the league. Id like to see Diaz to Dallas for Brenden Dilon, hes 23, 6'3'' 230 and has 44 hits through 22 games this season and he averaged 2.77 hits per game playing in all 48 last season. More than likely it would take more than Diaz to acquire Dilon but I'd be prepared to add a prospect or a pick as long as the asking price wasn't and elite prospect or a 1st.
  21. Should be a good one tonight, normally is when the habs play the pens. Im glad to hear Bournival didnt break anything but id sit him tonight just as a precaution and give him a little more than 24 hrs to heal up a bit more.
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